Sunday, 30 April 2017

#life lately: EP 8 first of all....!!!!!

Hey darlings !!!!! Mehnnnn! I miss this space I have been MIA for too long ( my apologies!) Let me reintroduce my self
Mmmmhhhmmm. *clears throats*
 Hi my name is Cynthia Osigwe ( the stylish doctor) I am Nigerian and i  love jollof. lol!!!!!!
Am actually in a good mood..... Why wouldn't I be???.... the lord has been so merciful and gracious to me.
So I was seriously ill  thats why i couldnt put up any post  ( when the doctor becomes a patient). I don't fall sick often, in fact  I haven't in years , so it was almost like a new feeling for me lying down not being able to help myself and taking drugs. But am much better now.
While I don't ever want to fall sick again let me share with you a few things I learnt in the course of my "hiatus"

1.Doctors make the worst patients .

2.Health professionals should pay attention to their own health as well. Sometimes we get so busy taking care of patients that we ignore our own wellbeing.

3.Good friends cannot be bought, they are special gifts from God. If you have such friends you are blessed.

4.Life is precious,good health is a blessing never take it for granted. Everyday you wake up hale and hearty be grateful. owe yourself the exclusive right to be happy. Make everyday count.
Expect  More posts "back to  back" to make up for the long absence.

How is your day going?
What do you hate most about being sick? Feel free to leave a comment below .

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Dear TEENAGER.....!!!

 I just got off the phone with my teenage cousin whom i haven't spoken to for almost 6 months pls dont ask me why.
Since my call has been uneventful I decided to ring her and we spoke for long.
 Talking to her today took me back to  when i was a teenager.
Its a very delicate and stressful period for both the teenagers and their loved ones that should be handled with care.
I will like to share some useful advice I gave to her and I hope other teenagers find this helpful.

1. Find and develop  your talent(s). It might be silly to others and even to you but as long as its not something negative build it and have fun doing it.

2.Dont bother yourself too much about being liked. Focus rather on being yourself being a good friend and building lasting friendship with people who care about you.

3. I know it is the era of computer, social media, entertainment and all that bt the truth is Education is very important, yes it is but it should not limit you.

4 you are not too young to start building your dream business,or too young to make a difference

5. Use your holiday for something productive. Learn a skill, learn how to play an instrument, take cooking, makeup or sewing classes. Learn as much as you can.

6.Don't be in a hurry to have sex. There is plenty of time for that in the future( did I just say that?.....yes I did!) Don't let a few minutes of pleasure ruin your life forever.

7.Treat your body well,exercise,eat right and lay off  sugary foods. Your present self will look and feel good and your future self will be thankful.

8. Pay attention to how you look ,you are not too young to take your personal grooming seriously or to make sure
that you look smart and beautiful.

9. Get a mentor; someone you can talk to and get good advice from. Could be someone in your family,church,school but preferably someone older whose life inspires you.

10. Confidence not only attracts people but opportunities as well . keep working at it.
 You don't have to fit in,embrace your uniqueness. No one is you and that's your selling point.

11. Its OK if you don't have life figured out, life is a journey things will fall in place at the right time. But in the meantime smile,smile,smile .life is beautiful.

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Monday, 17 April 2017

About the holiday X Nike lake resort

Goodmorning darlings! Still sleeping?the holiday is over and guess what time it is. Its  get up smell the coffee and get to work o'clock already, so let's get excited. But before then here is a summary of what happened over the weekend.
I started marking my calendar for this long awaited 4 days  holiday( Friday to Monday) long ago.
I couldn't wait to sleep for as long as I wanted without waking up the next morning and rushing off to prepare for work.
So you can imagine my disappointment when on Friday morning I got news that whilst it rained the night before some hoodlums had gone to vandalise the transformer and because it was a public holiday the chances of getting it fixed before the end of the holiday was less than 50%.
Mtchewwww!!!!!! Holiday without light is that one holiday?
Thankfully it was restored Saturday.

My appetite was on vacation as well, it happens that when am stressed, every food turns to medicine in my mouth.
I wasn't having that, I couldn't afford to not have appetite for Easter rice and chicken one bit. and since am not a big fan of taking drugs (*covers face* ) i mixed malt and mix and drank of all it . It worked like magic!)
After taking it,I dozed off and when I woke up I was energised and my appetite returned.
I finally got across to watching " the wedding party"
Yeah! I know am late to the party ( pun intended) but its better late than never right?
Zainab Balogun  was amazing, she really played the part. Adesuwa (as dunni coker)was gorgeous. I think she should just date Banky W........  thats if they aint already. They will make really cute kids that's for sure .
Iretiola Doyle (as Mrs Onwuka)was born for that role
 damnnnn!!!! she embodied class,sophistication and Elegance with so much ease. I could watch her all day long!
I have watched the movie over and over and it cracks me up the whole
time. Did I forget the white lady?(Adesuwa's bridesmaid cant remember her name now) she is a  doll!!!! Each time she tries to pronounce "Gbegiri" I can't help myself.
 too hilarious!!!!
I finally got to visit Nike lake Resort.
 I have been meaning to go for a decade but never found the time.
OMG! The place is divine.
If  you need a beautiful place to just relax and appreciate nature in its purest form,Nike lake resort  Enugu is the place for you.
I think in all I had a pretty decent time And am so happy I did.

How did you enjoy your Easter holiday?
Did you go someone fun or did you spend the time indoors.
I will love to hear all about it in the comment section below 

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Who doesn't want the holiday to be over? Me,me,me and me I don't know about you but holidays are my favourite thing.....and this Easter was lit!!!
One of the reason why I can step out without makeup and not feel awkward is because of my skincare routine and one product that has been of great help to me is the ARGUSSY Green Tea spa salt.
 I haven't been regular with  it because most Mornings are a marathon but the break has afforded me time to do so

The product
I came across this product when I got tired of trying different products on my rough and "pimpulated face". I was highly skeptical about trying it only because I had tried on a dozen others with no significant improvement. I reluctantly decided maybe one more trial might make a difference.
Its ingredients include tablesalt(Nacl),olive oil,vitamin E,glycerine.

How much does it cost?

Its pretty affordable which is what I love most by the way, I got this for eight hundred naira From a cosmetic shop.

How is it used?

I take a little quantity and because its dry
I add a little water to make it easy to apply.
I exfoliate my face with it gently, with more attention the the areas with blemishes while making  sure not to forget the crevices like the sides of the nose and underneath the nose.
I do this until the crystals dissolve on my face after which I wash it off with water. You don't have to wait for it to stay in before washing out which is perfect for when in a hurry.
This should be done daily for a faster result.
Unlike many products I have used in the past, the effect was very visible immediately I washed my face.
My face felt softer,clearer and smoother after the first use, you could tell that there was a big difference when I applied my makeup it wasn't bumpy as usual it kind of gave my face that primer feel and made my makeup blend completely on my face.
With subsequent use my acne started clearing and I have never had to look back again.

 peep that glow

I absolutely love this product,it really lived up to its promise of a smooth and radiant skin. I love the fact that its natural, affordable, available and has a sweet "almost edible" fragrance.
I wish it came in a cup instead of a satchet to make it easier to store as I had a hard time balancing the satchet on my dresser.

Are you struggling with acne,blemish or a rough face? Have you tried this product? Are you willing to try it.
Leave me a comment on your thoughts down below.

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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Happy Easter celebration || The true meaning of Easter

Happy Easter darlings! In the spirit of this wonderful celebration i hope you are happy,blessed and thankful. For today our lord Jesus christ is risen and our hope for sslvation is sure.
To help us celebrate better, i will like to throw more light on the essence of Easter and why we celebrate it as christians.

What's Easter all about?

For some its a holiday period while for others its a time to rest from the daily hassles of life, work e.t.c
Easter celebration simply put is all about the DEATH and RESSURECTION of our lord Jesus Christ and a reminder of our redemptive blessings which includes salvation of souls, healing, deliverance, mercies, material provision, wisdom, strength and honour which are also the long lasting effect of Easter.
The resurrection of Christ is the anchor of the Christian faith; for the purpose of his death would not have been complete if he did not rise again.
His ressurection reconciled us back to God and restored our position in God before the fall of man
Furthermore  its a reminder and celebration of the devil's defeat forever.
The devil lost all the power he had over Christians the day Jesus resurrected and an understanding of this empowers us as Christians to challenge the enemy and exercise our authority over him in every areas of our life in Jesus name.
Easter is more than eating and drinking , its a day to praise God and thank him for his great wisdom for salvation.
Therefore don't make it only about exchanging gifts,Eating or spending time with family and loved ones but also a time to Celebrate Jesus,reconnect with him and appreciate the redemptive power of his resurrection.
Have a beautiful Easter celebration and may his resurrection be the beginning of great things in your life bring to life every testimony that you desire.

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

#lifelately EP 7:blackberrypalava! 2

Good morning loves, yes we were in the middle of a gist yeah?
OK give me a minute, let me adjust my pancake properly .........
*clears throat* and sips on a glass of water.
So where were we?
If you are just joining us ,its a long story. The gist started Here
So she was so certain she would be able to identify the robber because his face was not covered  and she had the time to get a good look at him whilst begging for her sim card.
As a sharp girl that Stella is, she had a plan who wouldn't? Is it easy to loose a BlackBerry phone at that time and let let it slide? Hell no!!
I even forgot to tell you the guy was still using her bbm oooo
She showed his dp to my roommate to know if it was the said robber and she said Yes! She was sure it was him.
 OK continue!
Sharp babe finally convinced the guy to come visit her on campus after flirting with him and they fixed a day. On that day she informed the sheriffs ( campus security) and they were at alert.
The dude finally showed up in the evening, in his mind he had come to see his hot new catch. Stella showed up and when she had identified him and talked briefly with him she signalled the sheriffs who surroundef him and made sure he didn't escape. While they were dragging him to the security post Stella's friends and onlookers pounced on him and gave him the beating of his life.with shouts of thief! Thief! In the air
On getting to the security post, he was queried but he denied being a thief ,that he has never stolen anything in his life.
My housemate was asked if she was sure of her claim and babe just fell everybody's hand

Emmmm!! Am not that sure.!!
Maybe he is not the one but he looks like him somehow but am not sure!
When they have beaten blood out of him?
Are you for real?

That was when people calmed down to listen to his own story.
He denied being a thief or a robber and  when asked how he came about the phone he said he bought it (as fairly used)from a guy at a phone repair shop he didn't know the guy prior to that day and only bought it because it was sold to him at a lesser price.
The sheriffs blamed him for buying a phone without making proper enquiries about the owner. They tried to see how he can help them find the robber but he still maintained that he knew nothing about the seller and had only seen him on the day he bought the phone.
Long story short, the phone was collected from him and given to the rightful owner (Stella) I think they still tried to trace the robber to retrieve the second phone but I didn't follow up on that.
Why did I bring up this story? It shows how nothing is permanent now there are even better,more sophisticated and more expensive phones than BlackBerry today.
Moral of the story? Look before you leap to avoid stories that touch
Don't sell yourself for material things be it cars,phones, watches,e.t.c because better ones will always come and you will look back and see that it was never worth it.

Have a blessed day ahead, spread love to all.

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#life lately EP:6 Blackberry palava!

Good morning huns am in a good mood today I literally woke up singing and that doesn't happen very often on a week day. How was your night?
Let me take you down memory lane to a day I will never forget. It was  during my undergraduate days, I was sharing a room with 2 housemates. We were quite close and planned to get a room together which we did and fixed up the room (it was really lovely)
We were having a swell time until something happened.
At about 8:00pm  one Friday evening my housemate Went out to have her bath outside bear in mind that we had been warned against bathing outside but some people feel its freeing and  relaxing.
She got to the door after having her bath only to realise that she was being followed by a man with a gun pointed at her.
She was so scared. Standing there wet wrapped in a short towel.
He asked her to go in and followed her.
The man asked for her phone and that of our other roommate then proceeded to ask her
"who has a blackberry phone in this flat?"

The person I know is in the next flat her name is Stella"

He asked her to  lead the way ,somehow she was able to convince the robber to give back her sim.
They got to Stella's room and he asked her to knock which she did
The occupant of the room asked
Who is that?
"And she replied its me"
When the robber was sure Someone was coming to open the door he asked her to go.
The door was opened and the robber got in and made away with 2 black berry phones.

The next morning the hostel was agog and a number of people had gathered around Stella's room talking about it my roommate already told us what happened and we kept it to ourselves only for her to go out and probably out of excitement she told someone about how she was robbed and how she led the robber to Stella's room.

Before we could say jack Robinson Stella stormed our flat went straight to her and gave her a dirty slap
"So you are the one that brought robbers to my room"
We had to intervene to prevent someone's head from being broken.
It wasn't easy calming Stella down but luckily it was resolved and everybody went their way
She started chatting with the guy and managed to convince him to come and visit her on campus, this was a plan well orchestaraed to catch the robber
She had asked my housemate if she would be able to identify the robber to which she said yes.......
This is getting too long, I will complete the gist in my next post.
Have a beautiful day ahead darlings and may your today be better than your yesterday.

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Monday, 10 April 2017

Based on LOGISTICS.....!!!!!!

I have still not gotten myself after screaming my lungs out yesterday when  Efe ( the man of the moment) won big brother Nigeria, based on LOGISTICS!
You need to see me yesterday,It was as though I was the person who won the money. I have always wanted efe to win and I was even more confident that he was going home with the money after the last time they had to address voters and campaign for votes.
He was real, Nigerians love real.
He was totally relatable Nigerians don't have time to support someone who is perceived to be forming, and to top it all warri no dey carry last!
Trust them to throw their weight to back him up.
I saw this more as a Lagos versus warri battle and the warfarians killed it.
 Big ups to Efe,he is highly favoured . This is the kind of favour that one should pray for where men and women fall upon themselves to favour you. You are at one spot and people who don't know you take it upon themselves to go extra miles against all odd to fight for you. That my friend is FAVOUR! I don't know what Efe means but I have concluded in my own mind that EFE=favour.
Bisola tried sha but I have always thought it was cheating putting her in the same game as newbies knowing that she had a strong fan base before the show, unlike her counterparts. But she will go far despite not winning because she is an entertainer tested and trusted and big brother has only expanded her brand.
Please when is the next big brother Nigeria lemme go and buy ticket I can't shout.
 Yes am kidding and no am not (winks)

The OBS and gyne unit organised a 2 day seminar for which started really well at about 8am. I was supper excited but its 5pm and we are still listening to talks and lectures (phewwww!!!!!)
How is your Monday going guys! Sorry i have not been posting regularly I will do my best to correct that. I love this blog and I don't take it or my awesome readers and followers for granted.expect  more from me very soon . I love you guys muaahhhhhh!!!!!

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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Its April! We made it!

Happy new month guys! Its April already! We are indeed so blessed  to be counted among the living on this day.
Am grateful for life, for love ,good health and God's mercies upon everyone of us.
I pray that this month will be better than the last for you,every desire of your heart will be met and your expectations shall not be cut short.
Spread love,laugh,dance and live in peace with all men. Have a beautiful month
I love you

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Are you running empty?

 Happy palm Sunday darling!!! For those of us who don't really know what palm Sunday signifies in the Christian community I will do yo...