Monday, 20 February 2017

Morning bants X what's in my bag

Goodmorning huns, hope you had a pretty decent night .
Am starting this week with God's grace, blessings and divine strength are you?
Someone just wanted to spoil my day today here is what happened. 
So a senior colleague  asked me to look out for a patient and  call him on phone when she comes .
I asked  him politely as a better pikin for his number since am new to the unit and didnt have it,he just got angry as if i was asking for his 6 months salary and his reply was 

Are you supposed to ask me that? (Who make I ask?....the gods?) Go and ask around for it he blurted out.
I  just jejely carried my two sticks and started doing ultimate search.

On a lighter note who wants to know whats in my bag?
It varies from time to time but these are basically what you can find in my bag. 
I always get bags with at least two compartments because I like to separate my personal stuff from my "work tools "(stethoscope, measuring tape,gloves) because it's hygienic that way.

I don't use the sunglasses often but I always go around with it for those times when it gets really sunny and I have to walk.
Lip stick and lip gloss to moisturize my lips and avoid cracked lips and of course my ATM and house key, no car key for now but hopefully soon(can I get an Amen!)

 I got this Michael kors wrist watch as a present and it's been my bestie since then, we go everywhere together mehn! !!
I feel weird when I go out without it.

 of course my stethoscope. This baby is usually the first thing I make sure is resting safe in my bag.
And my rosary . I  make sure to carry it wherever I go after Bae's mum encouraged me not to go out without it. If you are a Catholic you will understand  what am talking about. Its our weapon against spiritual forces in high places.

 Being that am presenly doing my obstetrics and gynecology posting ,my tape is always with me for measuring abdominal girth and estimating gestational age of a Fetus. 
For some reason I always find spare gloves in my bag( maybe am being too careful or just a habit)  and of course some extra cash for emergency ( don't mind the denomination lol! I do carry change sometimes for all the I don't have change crew)
 and yeah my detox  hand sanitizer. ou don't have to wait untill there is an outbreak of infection to take safety precautions. Prevention is always better than cure. It's important for me to sanitize my hands after every procedure to prevent cross infection.

Saturday, 18 February 2017


My sleep pattern is so awkward. Am one of the "special " people who go to bed as early as 8:30pm and wake up by 1am to stare at the ceiling and about an hour to the start of my day I fall asleep again only to wake up cranky and not well rested.

You see, I started  this routine while in medical school. I would stay awake and study all night (as a better pikin, to avoid stories that touch) Now that am done with that phase my body has refused to adjust.

Some days i get tired of reading but still cant sleep so i just find am activity however creepy to keep myself busy.When am home i use those times to cook. My mum would complain and complain untill she gave up on the issue.

On one occasion during my undergraduate days, i can remeber waking up at midnight or thereabout and started arranging my wardrobe, ( i felt it was alittle scattered and i just wanted to organise it...and No i wasnt possessed lol!) I got done with that and started sweeping the room. My friend was asleep the whole time or so i thought untill she started asking me jamb questions the following day

What happenened last night? 
Are you ok? 
 Abi the village people are  doing you?
(Can you believe her?)

I just answered with am ok,
 i was just bored and I couldn't sleep.
 Why didnt you say something, 
i thought you were asleep

And she goes

 it was so scary...
 didnt know if it was you or someone else.
I had to pretend to be asleep the whole time.

We'll I have figured out how to channel my insomnia to good use and thats to blog!

On the bright side I think it will come in handy when I have a baby. I won't have  to struggle with staying up late to tend  to a crying baby.

Do you stay up late into the morning?
What keeps you up at night?
What's the weirdest thing you've done at such times?

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Life lately #EP4: Let me explain

Hey darlings,
It's funny how you count down to the weekend and how you can't wait for the close of work on friday to unwind but when you have that you don't seem to know just what to do with it ( story of my life)

So I have been  in bed all day planning and strategising (I find myself doing a lot of that lately)
 You see ,am presently working in a village far from civilization ok that was harsh but there is nothing fun around here.
Fun is about 45 minute from here. Each time I plan to go out something always seems to come up phewww!!!

So I heard about nike resort and been meaning to visit for sometime I will do a review as long as I do.
Meanwhile something big is coming to the blog really soon and you wouldn't want to be left out at all.
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Shout out to all my wonderful readers both far and near ,you guys are the real MVP the response whenever I put out a new post is incredible you give me strength and courage not to relent and I can't thank you enough.
Joggling work and blogging is not easy but you make it worthwhile for me please feel free to share my posts, comment, leave suggestions I love to read them .
Have a blessed week dearie


So he cheated!...Now what???

Anyone who has been cheated on knows that it's not an easy situation to come out of without feeling broken within.
So he cheated,it's not just a suspicion anymore you have hard cold proof .your heart is pounding, the tears can't be stopped where do you go from here?

1. Its not your fault
First and foremost understand that you are not to be blamed. Many atimes women find themselves in positions like this, as if society does not blame us enough for
this,we put the blame on ourselves,

"Maybe it's my fault, I didn't give him attention, I put on too much weight, am not as pretty as I was when we first met" 

liessssss! Honey it's not your fault it was a decision he made either  because he wanted to or  wasn't disciplined, whatever be the reason, it had nothing to do with you.

2.take a break from him
Contrary to popular belief that this will drive him further away. You need this break to process what has happened, decide if the relationship is worth saving,if you can forgive and trust him again and basically recoup and take decis ions on what to do.

  • 3.keep your private life PRIVATE!
don't talk to everyone about it especially if you will still take him back you don't have to go through this alone but you don't have to scream your pain from the roof top. Because the moment you label him a "cheat" that's all your friends and family will see even after you have both worked through it.
Also keep your problems with your partner away from social media it only makes matters worse.

4.Talk about it
Its not ok to end the relationship without having a "sit down "and hearing him out. Even when you are done with the relationship/marriage as the case may be,you still need closure.
But just before you pull the plug on that,take a deep breath and reconsider.
slip ups happen but if it's a one time thing and he is truly truly sorry about it I advice you strongly to give it a second chance. Talk about your feelings, ask questions, find out why he did what he did,Get to the root of the problem. Communication is always key. Don't be quick to end it all make sure you have tried to fix what is broken before giving up.

5.forgive and let go
Slip ups happen but the good news is that when they truly are slip ups they are survivable.
Chances are after you both have worked through it you will come away with a much deeper understanding of each other  that will strengthen your love and bring you two closer.

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Friday, 17 February 2017

My apologies..!

Hey guys!
Ionnnnnnnnnnnng time no post, phew! I missed you all. Am sorry I have been MIA for so long, my apologies! It was inevitable.
  The last lap of my internal medicine posting was so exhausting.
 Usually i write new posts early in the morning just before i start getting ready for work or those free periods in between work but there was so much to do and with my colleague on leave, keeping up was not easy.

Thankfully that phase is over and I have resumed by obs and gyne posting.
I've been in theunit ( fertility unit) for two days  and am loving it.  Am more convinced than ever that I do not want to specialise in internal medicine, reason being that it's way too stressful, demandind and emotionally exhausting (as most of our patients come in at the late stage of their diseases when there is little or nothing that can be done for them)
You see, in as much as i love what i do i believe in balance.I want to be able to spend time with my family and not be so occupied that they feel left out
Am still keeping my options open but so far am enjoying the transition and it couldn't have come at a better time
I hope your valentine was popping! Valentine this year for me was more of thanksgiving.
I have so much to be thankful for, my family, my career, my relationship e.t.c ( yeah right it's not only to celebrate Le boo)
Of course the gifts are always the highlights of the day if you know what I mean.
I missed every single one of you I hope to be more consistent from hence forth.
I look forward to reading  all your comments and suggestions .

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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

5 reasons beyonce totally avoids kim kardashian

These are the main  reasons while kim is warming up to beyonce  while queen bey avoids her like a plague
1. Kim is pretty with a banging body. Beyonce is gorgeous but hey kim got this one on lock down. Coming close will take away from beyonce and add to kim, people wont stop comparing them,which is bad for bey but good for kim.

2. Kim has no talent  but has achieved more than a lot of multitalented people. When it comes to talent kim has nothing on  queen beybut  a smart person knows not to underestimate  kim. Just like she took the spotlight from Paris hilton you never know what can happen.

3.Kim has the ability to work into a function and make everyone focus on her. Bey works really hard to maintain her position  as the queen. it's hard enough to see someone who gets nearly as much if not more attention than her for doing next to nothing. It will be a  total disaster to loose her spot to such a person

4. Kanye went on a rant about how their kids don't play together. Simple truth is that the carters don't want  their precious little heir be compared to north in anyway.

5. Beyonce feels kim trying so hard to be close to her is to boost kim's to boo family's reputation and to understudy beyonce. You know what they say keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
I love kim and I love beyonce think they are both beautiful and wonderful in their own way.

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Beyonce is having twins!

Looks like 5 year old blue ivy will soon be a big sister as beyonce just announced that she and husband jay-z are expecting twins.
She posted the above image on instagram with the caption
"We would like to share our love and happiness . We  have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly  grateful that our family will be growing by two,and we thank you for your well wishes  -the carters
Congratulations bey!

Are you running empty?

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