Tuesday, 31 January 2017

9 types of people you meet in a "doctors call room"

 Hey guys,I love the people I work with. Ok maybe not all but it's  the diverse personalities and what each brings to the table that makes work interesting.
The call room is where we keep our bags when we come to work and hang out when we are on break.
These are some of the characters I have observed.

1. The "I love what I do"crew
Thy are the real deal,very committed. If work starts by 8am they will be there by 6am. They go far and beyond for their patients. They come to check on their patients even when they are not on call and dont mind sleeping in the hospital to monitor them . He is the "go to guy" when you can't set a line or pass an NG tube.

2. The  talkative
Dude can  talk for Africa. If his mouth had a meter it would have blown by now.
He talks about any and everything. You can't ask how he is doing and expect a short sentence hell no! You need to grab a seat and some popcorn.

3 . The really cute one
He is super cute, all the patients want him to examine them,the nurses won't let him rest the ladies can't get enough of him he is usually quiet and shy, well mannered with a lovely smile.

4. The "I think am cute"
The not so fine one who thinks he is will Smith and brad pitts all in one. He never stops to feel himself. His taste is women in out of this world. She must be "not less than 55kg"and "not more than 56kg" she must be this and she must be that. He brags about how he can get any girl he chooses how everyone wants a piece of him, how he is the finest in his village. Sometimes you wonder if you are both looking at the same image.

5. The one  who thinks the government is wack and he can do a better job.
If the price of meatpie increases by twenty naira he blames it on the government.
When he  comes late to work he blames it on the government. Call food was not enough for him he blames it on the government.

6. The comedian
He is very funny, sometimes you can't tell when he is serious
He uses humour  to establish a relationship with everyone around him. He helps keep things loose and light.
Everyone notices when he is not around. And he is friends with all the ladies.

7.. The foodie
The one who just wants to eat.he cnt be bothered about anything else,as long as he has food 90% of his problems are solved. While others are thinking of how to protest he is thinking of  of whose house he is going to eat his next meal and vamoose.

8. "The hook me up crew"
He hits on anything  that moves.
Ladies beware!. He is always in between  girlfriends. He can approach  the same person twice in a week without knowing it.
He can be seen asking people to hook him up with one girl or the other.

9.the one who want to impress the chief

He is not   that diligent but the minute the chief is around, he starts to act up.He will act like he has been the only one working. He has no problem  taking credit for another person's effort  and will snitch on you anyway if that will make him look good.

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Ladies get in here, you don want to miss out on this .
 You know howwe go on and on about how men are the worst and wonder what they really want?phew! !!!turns out what they want is simpler and more surprising than you'll
ever imagine.
It's not all about how beautiful or brilliant you are if you ain't abiding by these rules you have yourself to blame
Ok let's cut to the chase and dive right into it
1. Appreciate and respect him
Men are starved for appreciation and have an enormous need to feel respected. They won't readily admit this because of course in Beyoncé's voice" he's got a big ego the size of mount everest."
Show him that he is important to you.
Don't always focus on what he did wrong remember  the little times he has been good. Say thank you when he holds the door for you and when he goes out of his way to make you happy.
Respecting him means you don't throw insulting words at him,belittle him or talk back at him in a way that makes him feel less of a manit also means  giving him space when it's necessary.

2.Good food
There is an african  adage that says the fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Some pople say good sex is the fastest, well I still hold on to the original version so let's stick to that shall we?
Good Food solves about 60% of a man's problem.
You can't keep a man if you can't cook a decent meal. He might put up with that for a while but for how long?
If for any reason you are handicapped in this department don't fret the Internet has made that easy you can get recipe for almost any meal online and practice.

3. Good personal and environmental  hygiene
Even the dirtiest and most untidy one of them want a neat and well organised woman. Besides a woman who can't wash up and groom herself properly is an absolute turn off No decent man wants to come home after stressful day at work to an untidy home and wife.

3.A lady in the street,a wore in bed
Yeah right ! this is 110% fact even the most religious guy thinks this way.Men are very visual beings they get bored easily as well   He wants a woman who is graceful, confident,courteous and  decent that he can take out and introduce to the world, who would be by his side when he achieves great things and can also be a tease and spice things up in the bedroom. In summary he wants  a Michelle Obama in the public and a kim,amber rose or nikky minaj behind closed doors. Can you do that?

Ditch the ugly  grannies panties for something more appealing to the eyes, learn to tease. I recommend you start taking twerk lessons unless you want to keep complaining about how you can't keep a man you make your choice.
Now that valentine's day is around the corner leave your comfort zone and try something more intriguing.

5.A friend
Give him a listening ears without nagging all the time or judging him. Don't always be at the receiving end pay attention to him.little things matter. like getting him a lip balm if his lips are always dry, calling to know how his day was, show genuine interest  in the things that matter to him. Be his fan.

6. A woman who prays
Thi is true and self explanatory. Not necessarily over the top spiritual but a woman who has a personal relationship

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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Hepatitis and the liver

Viral hepatitis is the commonest cause of liver cancer in our environment and as such more emphasis should be placed on the prevention, early detection and treatment of hepatitis.

What is hepatitis?

Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver it can be self limiting or progress to fibrosis (scaring), liver cirrhosis or liver cancer
Some of the symptoms of acute hepatitis  include:
-Abdominal discomfort
-Nausea and vomiting
-Yellow mess of the eyes
-Passage of pale stool
-Passage of dark coloured urine

What causes  hepatitis?

Hepatitis viruses are the most common causes of hepatitis. Other causes include toxic agents like alcohol some medications and autoimmune diseases.

How is it transmitted?

Hepatitis A and E viruses are usually transmitted via ingestion of contaminated food or water,usually mild and most often self limiting. Vaccines are also available for its prevention.
Hepatitis B and C are transmitted  via

-Exposure to infected blood and body fluids
-Sexual intercourse
- sharing sharp objects with an infected person,
-Blood transfusion
-Mother to child transmission during child birth.

Why get tested?

1. You can have the disease even though you feel fine and have no symptom
2.To avoid spreading to your family and friends
4. Early detection and treatment can suppress  the virus in the case of hepatitis B or even wipe out the virus in the case if hepatitis C. Meaning that the individual can live a normal life thereafter.
5. To protect the liver as early testament can prevent liver cancer or liver failure
 To protect your liver

For more information  on this you can leave a comment  below and send me a mail@officialcynthia123@gmail.com

Have you been tested?

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Friday, 27 January 2017

Lifelately#EP3: when words fail

Special thanks to PHCN for deciding to give us light after almost a whole week of living in darkness and taking it before my phone could charge  up to 35% una wehdone! Continue!
The weather has been looking up this days(original weather for 2)

Am I the only one who chews like it's going out of style only to wake up with serious jaw ache and inability to open my mouth wider than 2cm?
Am still on my leave basically all i do is exercise eat and sleep. Am still new to the whole leave thing, this is my first as a worker I didn't think I should be far away just in case my presence is needed. Besides 5 working days didn't sound like a lot I might as well just use the time to relax,eat,sleep and wake up whenever I want.
Have you been screened for hepatitis B and c  and vaccinated for hepatitisB?
I think I need to do a post on this real soon. It seems alot of us are not aware of this as most cases we see in the hospital come at the late stage with many coming in when there is already a malignant transformation.
Thank God its friday!....unfortunately  i won't be turning up my bed got me plus haven't found any safe and cool spot in Enugu just yet, any idea?
oh shoot!.. my leave is gradually coming to an end Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it bad that I like staying home and doing nothing?
 Do you secretly wish you can  get paid for staying at home and doing nothing?

What every nigerian medical student must experience in medical school

Hey guys, thank God its friday.
So i stumbled on this online and i couldnt help but share with you all.
I agree with quite a number of them especially numbers 1 , 6,14 and of course number 7.......thank God humans cant read each other's mind. Lol!!
1. You'll study like madness! More than you ever did in your life.
2. No matter how intelligent you are; you may likely not be among the top students in your class. 
3. In your 1st/2nd year, you think you own the world cos you got admission to study medicine. But the delusion will leave you alone...soon.
4. Several of your classmates will have sex with each other. You may be among them.
5. Once or twice, you'll think that medicine isn't your thing. 
6. Your social life will definitely slag. Less flexing, more studying! 
7. There'll be at least one lecturer/senior doctor you'd want to beat the hell out of!
8. Someone in your class will fail out of medical school. 
9. A Student in your class will have sex with a senior doctor.
10. At a time you'll be confused about the specialty to venture into. 
11. Ward nurses will treat you like crap.
12. You'll be humiliated publically (even infront of patients) by your senior doctors and consultants. 
13. Your room might go uncleaned for weeks or even months, especially during MBBS exams.
14. You'll be competing with the best. Everyone in your class is damn smart.
15. You'll realise that medicine doesn't give enough money as thought, considering the time put in.
16. Someone from your class will be the KING OF READING; always studying and going for night classes.
17. There's always a guy who acts so unserious but always blow high scores in exams. Sometimes higher than yours.
18. Your family members will start asking you for medical advices even in your first week in med school. 
19. Many of your non-doctor friends that are blessed will be well off before you start making poo money from medicine (mostly after your residency).
20. You'll not attend most classes as they are waste of time. 
21. You'll realise that hospitals smell bad.
22. And that vaginal deliveries are messy.
23. Funny as it sounds, if you pass all your exams, you'll become a Doctor.
24. Upon graduation, you will be proud of yourself.
25. Try and study harder. Medicine is a nice course and proffession.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A glass of smoothies a day keeps the doctor away

Hey lovelies,Fruit smoothies are an easy way to nourish your body with essential nutrients and prevent fruits from going to waste while providing benefits that will keep you on track towards good health.

They are very easy and quick to make all you need are a  good blender,choice fruits and a base like water,milk or youghurt.
Noticed how I emphasised "good" blender? Sweetie that's very important, my brand new blender decided to pack up whike i was blending the last batch but thankfully i had almost finished, now I have to get a replacement.
 To avoid this make sure you buy from a trusted retailer if possible from the company to avoid "stories that touch".

The benefits cannot be overemphasized, it will help you save money on fizzy drinks gor a healthier, natural and yummier alternative. It helps for a glowing skin,strengthens your immune system and its a more nutritious way achieve weight loss.
So  for this  I blended
A Bananas
1/2 glass of water

I had 2 glasses ,didn't even know. When I finished it. Thats how yummy it is.
What's your favourite smoothies recipe?
How often do you take it?

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Thursday, 19 January 2017

LIFE LATELY#EP2: I have a question.

Throw back Thursday for me on this day means throw back my stethoscope and enjoy a work free day on my bed watching devious maids and sipping on my "kunu zaki".
Apparently my senior colleagues embarked on a warning strike that started today,this is the first strike am experiencing in this profession.
We had to discharge our stable patients ASAP!
I sincerely hope the request of NARD is sorted out,the strike called off and all things go back to normal.
Meanwhile  can I bare my soul to you?
I think the word " sorry" is grossly overrated. Why do some people do the worst and expect you to wipe it out of your memory instantly just because they threw a careless sorry at you? Well let's just say they don't know better.
On a serious note, Someone once asked me what i hate most about medicine.               The worst part about medicine is when you have to manage patients with terminal illness its the worst feeling in the world. You literally watch them waste away right before your eyes you want to do everything you can to help but there isn't much you can do.you wake up each day hoping to see them.and when they pass on their faces stick in your mind you remember the conversations you had with them, the jokes you shared with them and all the questions they asked you. Its never easy handling terminal cases believe me its extremely emotional.
Everyday you wake up and are alive you need to thank God because a lot of people whose lives are hanging by a thread will do anything to be in your shoes. How has life been with you lately?care you share?

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Simple tips for a FLAWLESS skin

Hey gorgeous!
Establishing a good skincare routine is the most important thing that you can do for your complexion.
Here are 7 skincare routine guaranteed to give you a glowing skin in a few weeks.

Early morning workout is very essential for a beautiful skin. It increases blood flow promoting healthy circulation and reduces stress,giving your complexion a natural glow for the rest of the day

Start your day with 1-2 glasses  of water every morning when you wake up to keep your skin hydrated. Its also vital for your overall health.

3.face cleansing
Wash your face, with lukewarm water  and cleanse to remove residual makeup,unclog the pores and allow treatments applied thereafter to work effectively.this should be done once a day preferably in the evening.

Available on jumia Here

Its Important to keep your skin smooth and remove dead skin cells.
Gently rub the scrub in  circular motions all over the face and neck not more than thrice a week

Available on jumia Here

Helps to prevent the skin from drying out. Make sure to apply this immediately after bath time while  the skin Is damp to help seal the moisture in your skin.
If you have oily or acne prone skin go for moisturisers that are both oil free and light weight to prevent blocking of pores that could lead to various skin issues like acneacne
Available on jumia Here

Avoid frequent exposure to the sun, if its inevitable apply sunscreen with at least 30SPF before going out to prevent skin damage and premature aging.
Available on jumia Here

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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Celebrity trend ft keke palmer

10 Years after akeelah and the bee,  keke palmer's style seems to  have evolved and  become daring
She was photographed today  wearing a plastic see through bralet. Pictures after the cut

What do you think about keke palmer's latest fashion trend yay or nay?

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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

How to avoid being broke!

 Hi guys, raise your hand if you are guilty of exhausting your salary before the month runs half way......anyone?....dont be shy!.......You are not alone, infact more people fall into this category than not,
especially with the current situation of the country where there are limited jobs,low pay and very high cost of living.
Its time to tighten our seat belt and brace up for this harsh reality. It starts with organising our finances,making the most of our income no matter how small it is so that its enough to sustain us.
 Here are tips to help you better manage your income and basically guide you towards handling money in a smarter way.

1.Take stock of your expenses
 The first step is to keep track of all your expenses for 1 month. That means every money spent on food,monthly bills, transportation,fuel, newspapers, recharge card, leisure e.t.c should be accurately noted down.

2. With the knowledge of your spending history, make a list of your expenses in a month and how much you spend on each of them. Now draw up a workable and realistic budget. Allocate a percentage of your monthly income to each of them.
E.g food 30%
      Rent 20%
    Transportation 10%
     Light, water sanitation bill 15%
      Personal upkeep 5%
     Savings 10%
     Miscellaneous 10%
This is a rough estimate, you should plan it according to your needs and priorities.
3.Make adjustments
Adjustments are very necessary,you cannot afford to live above your means.
E.g its best to keep housing cost yo not more than 25% of your monthly income. If 25% of your salary does not cover your rent then you are living above your means and its not wise.
Its also very important to be frugal in spending, Never spend money on a whim or  just because "you feel like it". That's why most of the money leaks tend to happen and be disciplined enough to stick to your budget.

4.save up
Whether you want to get a new car,pay up a loan,or go on a vacation in a year or two, its always best to start saving on time. Put away a little amount for this purpose every month as opposed to emptying your account at the proposed time.
This can also come in handy in the event of an emergency.

5. Invest
Look out for investments that will profit you.

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Heart wrecking! Say NO to child abuse

This is so hearbreaking, what is this world turning into?
Dear mothers, see what a doctor just shared on another platform... As I'm writing this, my heart is bleeding. We have been battling to save the life of a 2 year old toddler who was raped by her father's younger brother since 9pm yesterday .The baby just stabilized n is coming round after about 6hours on the ventilator. She has arrested three times.The mother left her with her uncle yesterday afternoon whilst going for a women's program in church. She got back to meet her baby screaming uncontrollably. A neighbour's daughter, a 5 year old confirmed that uncle Emma had sent them out of his room but not before putting a finger inside Precious pants. Right now, this toddler is unconscious, with all the paraphernalia of rape....... Bruises on her thigh, ?fracture of the right femur, gaping hole in the vagina, vagina wall bleeding, crepitations in the chest, (I'm postulating she choked on the fanta uncle Emma gave her to cajole her and aspirated) .She was brought in shock around 8pm and arrested as I stepped into the paediatric critical care unit to review her. Hence she was resuscitated ,intubated and connected to a vent, had to put in a central line as venous access was impossible and she needed fluid n blood. Did I mention that she's paper white. What could be fascinating in this babies that is making them the target of sexual abuse. She's coming round but is so sick that she cannot even respond to pain again. As I seat by this vent, monitoring her I decided to call on mothers to be more vigilant. If that five year old girl had been better educated, she might have been able to sense danger earlier and call for help. I know it's not easy but children both males and females are so vulnerable.Parents,..........please fathers ,mothers can't do it alone. Let's rise to this social vice against our children. I'm just soooo sad. 😔😭😭😭 It's now so rampant.
Why will anyone be so cruel and heartless as to do this to an innocent child.
Am mortified to say the least.
Your work as parents do not end at bringing life into the world, but also protecting these innocent children from the snares of paedophiles.Please parents need to be more vigilant and aware to prevent things like this from occurring.
"Say No to child abuse"

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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Morning thoughts!

Am an early riser,I can go to bed really late but once its 5 am, am up. Its safe to say that 6 years in boarding school has encoded that in my DNA.
But  dammnnn! This cold is not even smiling. I practically dress to bed like am going to the moon just so I don't turn to a block of ice in the morning.
Where are my manners?!.....Good morning huns,how was your night? Are you just waking up or did you keep a vigil last night?
Either way  we are blessed to see another beautiful day.
So I woke up this morning and I like to share my thoughts with you.
Have you ever been scared of doing something because of the fear of making mistakes?
Well you need to wake up, smell the coffee and get to work. Mistakes are the portals of discovery. It should teach, equip and inspire you and not discourage you. Its part of the process of success. Don't treat your mistakes like sins or let them hinder you from maximising your potentials they are signs that you are trying hard enough.
If you have made mistakes in the part its never too late to turn a new sheet and begin the journey again. You have gained experience and knowledge,now apply that to your new journey and make the best of it. Believe that you are enough,encourage yourself and go be great.
2017 is a clean sheet with lots of possibilities so make it count.

"There is nothing wrong with making mistakes,what's wrong is letting a mistake stay a mistake without trying to make it right"
Have a beautiful day

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I had a good laugh reading through the article posted by joro on how to spot a "runs girl"
Now that we know how to spot a runs girl wouldn't it be nice for us to know how to spot the male version of a runs girl?..... I believe such a person is called a gigolo.

1. He doesn't have a day job,yet lives a flamboyant lifestyle. He is at the club every Friday turning up at the VIP section with no care whatsoever.

2. He is not interested in filling out an application for a job except if it is for the post of "CBN governor"( why will he? When he is the CEO of Sidon dey look)

3. He takes pictures like a girl. I mean selfies every other minute. His instagram feed is filled with pictures of his bare chest and he is more concerned about how he looks than a lady going for MBGN contest

4.He brags a lot about who he knows and how much of a big boy he is( wash)

5. He is always in the midst of influential women and women who have their own money.

6.He always comes up with one excuse or another to borrow money from you.

7. He lives in a hotel or friend's house

8.His most expensive possession are his clothes,shoes or chain......landed property? Wetin concern agbero with overload.

9.Of course he is good looking with sugar coated tongue. With an excellent mastery of the art of manipulation. Can talk you into anything

10. 90% of his contacts are females

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Sunday, 1 January 2017

WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy new month beautiful people, i know this is coming late but its better late than never. I started the new year with 24 hours call at accident and emergency and am just taking a break now
I was filling some investigation forms today and I was busy writing 1/12/2016.......until I was about filling the last one and noticed it.I guess my mind is still trying to adjust.
We have a long way to go in this country,Power should never go out for more than 10 minute in a hospital especially at the accident and emergency unit.
On a more serious note, I wish you a beautiful new year filled with beautiful success stories, answered prayers and joy.
May all you touch turn to gold.
Happy new month guys!!!!
We made it!
How are you adjusting into the new year?
Do you miss 2016?
Who was the first to call you this year?

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Are you running empty?

 Happy palm Sunday darling!!! For those of us who don't really know what palm Sunday signifies in the Christian community I will do yo...