Friday, 29 December 2017

Things that must stop in 2017

Hey sunshine!
So social media has been agog with a list of things that should end with 2017 and because i don't like what i hate. I have taken time to outline things i hope would end with 2017.

1. Calling me up to ask for prescription to enable you procure an abortion ends in 2017. God don't like ugly

2.not updating the blog at least twice a week is a sacrilege ( note to self)
I definitely have to do better. For those that enjoy reading my posts, am doing this for you with all my heart.

3. Reading and not sharing or commenting  ho mai gawd!
It has to stop.
Feel free to leave your comments. It takes less than 5 minutes to do so and its pretty easy too. Also share with your  friends and contacts you never know whose life you will bless by doing do.

4.All those that want me to go bankrupt because they wont give me my change. Especially Oga Timo who lives down the street and always holds on to my money in the name of "aunty doctor make I keep the change naa",
"How fine girl like you go dey price? "
Can I use fine girl to collect money in the bank?
If this continues in 2018,The thunder!.......

5.what does your father do for a living.
Waris all deez?
 Toast me and leave my father's occupation out of it.

6.Children of God, while nursing is a beautiful and honourable profession. I am not a nurse. To the wonderful people whom i encounter everyday in the hospital who won't stop calling me aunty nurse,please put some respect on it. I did not spend 7 yeas in med school for nothing Edakun! address me properly, Thanks.

7.To the "come today and come tomorrow"office workers its either you do your job or you pack up and go home. You cannot be present and absent at the same time.

8.Hair stylists that will not be honest in 2018,  your cane is soaking kerosene already. If you cannot give me the style I need please say so. How can I ask for Beyonce and get solange and you still try to convince me  that its nice.
sister o de nice gaaan!!

9. Starting the day without praying. Can you go to work without washing up in the morning?
You don't have time to pray but you have time to dress up. Think about it.
Now that I have that off my chest I can't wait to hear your thoughts.
 What are you hoping to put an end to as we wrap up 2017. Please leave your comments below.

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Wednesday, 27 December 2017


Merry christmas my darlings, how has it been so far?

 Christmas is still in the air ain't it?
Well, unless you are in this part of the east where the only thing in the air is harmattan.
 Damnnnn! its been sooooo colddddd and home girl has to work. Do you know how hard that is? ( holds back tears).
As we mature, we become more  realistic and specific with our needs and wants.
When I was younger Christmas was just a period for no school, fancy clothes and having a lot to eat ( which I loved by the way)
 And for new year .... Well, the beginning of the count down for next feel me?
As a full fledged adult, I see it now as a time to give and not just receive ( its still a time to look beautiful nontheless) and reflect on how I rocked the year. Did I do my best? did I achieve all my goals? What can I do differently?
New year on the other hand is for thanksgiving.
Being alive to welcome the new year is a major blessing and for me I take that very seriously.
 It is also for drawing out new goals and starting a beautiful story on a clean 365 pages....again!
My mantra for this year is "Rise above it".
As we mature  you realise that you can't always expect situations to be ideal, you can't expect people to be nice always and you can't expect to get everything the way you want.
I would say discipline yourself not to be found out of character but even that is not enough to hold one back when the bulshit looks for your address and comes for you.
When you have to put up with negativity, challenges, things not working out, don't let it drain your happiness in 2018.
Rise above it and be the best that you can be!
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Friday, 1 December 2017

It's December..... Again!!!!

"Christmas is coming the geese are getting fat"
Happy new month darlings!  It's not just a new month,it's December!..... The month of celebration and gift giving.
 The month of finding love and giving love. (ooohhh la-la)
Ohhhhhh! how I love Christmas!

Shebi  I can officially start playing Christmas  songs while driving without getting the side eye from other drivers?

The year has been awesome and I honestly can't complain.God is good!
God has sustained us from the beginning of this year to the last month of the year,not because we are worthy but because he loves us.
Tip for the month: stay prayed up!  Oh yes!  December as beautiful as it is always comes with its own temptations and challenges,plus what better way to prepare for a new year in less than 31 days other than to stay prayed up!  Reconnect with God, examine your relationship with him and get to work on defects in your prayer life.
May this month make up for what you lost in previous months, may you have genuine reasons to smile and may your blessings overflow.
Cheers to more money in the bank,  getting hitched, getting promoted, more blessings and favours and making progress . Happy new month!

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

A close shave....but I survived!

I have this conspicuous scar on my knee that people won't stop "admiring" and asking me what happened to me. Initially it made me self conscious.  You wouldn't catch me in an "above the knee "dress/ skirt until I learnt to embrace it and understand that:
"My scars tell a story,they are a reminder of the time when life tried to break me but failed. They are markings of where the structure of my character was welded"
So to bring you up to speed ,this is my story.
OK, fast forward to 2015 , in the small village of okada in Edo state, around June/July I was preparing for paediatrics exams. If you went through medical school in Nigeria you would understand that paediatrics was one of the tricky exams that held back a lot of people hence we always prepared extra extra extra for it.
After an all night I wanted to go study in the call room at the hospital because I didn't want to be tempted to sleep if I read in my room. That morning I can remember saying my morning prayers and having a few drops of tears run down my face but that's usually me  when I pour my heart to God especially when am asking for exam favours.
So I got dressed packed my books and took a bike to the hospital.
Now i had taken a bike to and from the hospital countless times in the past this was not a big deal.....until I came face to face with danger!
Allow me to chime this in even for that 5minutes drive to the next street learn to be thankful. You never know what God has protected you from that you just didn't realise.
So I got on this bike and halfway into the 5 minutes ride my school bus overtook the bike I was in and hit the bike in the process. It staggered for a while as he lost control and I fell out of the bike on the coal tar and found myself some distance away from where I fell in the middle of the road.
This happened two years ago but I still get emotional when I recount the story
But you see,as God will have it the vehicles coming behind stopped and thankfully none was coming with speed on the other side.
It happened so fast. All I could remember was standing up almost immediately,cars were parked and a little crowd had gathered.
First thing I did was to check myself I wasn't sure if i was alive or otherwise. I didn't see another me still lying on the road so I took that to mean that the grace of God has saved me.
To be continued

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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Part 2// the bread and butter of making it through medical school and being exceptional at it

Hi guys, today we will be picking up from where we stopped in my last post. If you missed it, you can catch up on it Here

5.The "God factor"
Am not a preacher but in this journey you need God more than ever. I can't emphasize this enough.
 If you don't believe in grace,  medical school will shock you.  Build a personal relationship with God, it helped me when i was a student. Where human intelligence will not save you the grace of God will speak for you. That is not to say that you spend time praying and don't read your books.

6. Your social life is equally important
Once in a while , go out and have fun. Plan your life in a way that you dont miss out on relaxing and having fun whilst excelling academically.
keep in touch with your family and friends the advice and encouragement they will give you will help you keep pushing. I remember then when I would talk to my parents on phone and they encourage me and tell me how proud they are of me. I get off the phone feeling pumped up with extra energy to conquer and it made me never relent.

7. Apply yourself
Medicine is "showmanship" if you have the knowledge but cant apply it, you are not a doctor!
The only way you can learn to apply it is when  you take your clinical posting serious.
Your lecturers will encourage, force and harass you to be involved in clinical activities but at the end of the day its stiill your choice. You can play around it and  pass exams but it will tell on  you later.
Try to be active especially in your clinicals. Clerk as many patients as possible and present to your seniors so they will correct you. Don't be shy to ask questions even if you get laughed at. Better that than being laughed out when the results are out.

8. Join a Study group
Am not a big fan of study groups that are formed 1 month to a few weeks before exams, because for me that's the time I want to recollect all that I have studied. But study groups formed  as soon as lectures begin are cool.
Form a study group with people who are equally as invested in the dream as you(to avoid distractions) and people who are intelligent and hardworking too  (iron sharpeneth iron ) meet and discuss topics you were taught and share your  knowledge with one another. It will help the topics  stick better.

8.Be humble
Medicine is one of those fields where humility will pay you.
Respect your seniors, make friends with them . It wont cost you anything but you will benefit very much from it.
Remember my housemanship hustle Here and Here
You never know who can help me secure a spot so you dint have to go through the stress.
9.Learn procedures
Before you graduate learn at least how to
Clerk patients
Take blood samples
Set line for IV drugs and fluid
Transfuse blood
Do CPR on a patient
Correct hypoglycaemia
Pass urethral catheter
It will help you a lot during your housemanship.

I hope you find this helpful and I hope you make it through the hard times and persevere because once you finally get that MBBS it will be worth it.

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Monday, 6 November 2017

The bread and butter of making it through medical school and being exceptional at it

Hello darlings! Am excited for the  Jambites,fresh medical students and even those who have being medical students long enough.
It gives me great joy to write this post especially for you because Once upon a time, i was a jambite and then a medical student like you. Today i think i can sit on the other side as an elder ( chuckles) and share with you, tips that will help you make it through medical school and be exceptional.

I will like to start by saying that medicine is not just for the very intelligent students. Contrary to what a lot of people think, An average student who is determined to work hard can be a doctor.
I will try to keep this as simple as I can.
Medics are we ready?
1. Why medicine?
What's driving you to this profession is extremely important because it will determine how long you will last on the journey.
It has to be for the right reasons . For me honestly, it was the love for the white coat and being called a doctor also because I grew up with three elder brothers who were booksmart and I always wanted to do something huge so I can be noticed and also because the best students in the class were either going for medicine or engineering.
These reasons will not take you far unless beneath that shallowness lies a special calling and a genuine love for saving lives. Which helped me persevere and sustained me throughiyt the journey.
Get your reasons right!

2.Work begins from day 1
If you are trying to be exceptional in this profession you need to start from the first day you begin your lectures. Medical school is known for "brutal cut downs" I can remember in my first year there were about 400 of us but on our induction day only 61 of us were inducted.
"There is no time to check time"
 Read! Read! Read!
You will only be given 50 to 70% information in the class, make it a habit to go back read those topics from your text books and check latest information online about said topic ( medscape is awesome)
3. Read to understand
Have you seen your textbooks? You know how big they are? All that information has to find a way into your brain and its very possible.I assume am not talking to people who want to be ordinary in the field.
Doctors are known to think fast on their feet. Your Exams as you get into clinicals are structured that way.
You have to know the fundamentals of every pathology to function.
As you come to work, there is no plan,you can meet an ulcer patient, a road traffic accident victim with cerebral haemorrage or pregnant woman with pre-eclampsia you have to be preprared enough to resuscitate and stabilize the patient at least before referring him/ her for expert care and how well you do that depend on how much knowledge you have stored up from your days in school. Don't just read to pass exams,read to understand, digest and visualise what you read,let it make sense to you. Understand the how and why.

4 You need a mentor who is a Doctor
Now am not talking about Ben Carson who is far away from you but someone you can call on phone, visit, text and he/she writes you back.
The advantage goes to those whose parents or siblings are doctors. They have the upper hand unless they are lazy and don't use the advantage.
This is one privilege I wish I had as a student. It makes it easier. You can have as many as possible and utilize them to your advantage.
My advice is, get 3 mentors
Mentor1 should be one class ahead of you. Topics that are new to you, he just passed and he will put you through, tell you what to expect from every lecturer, how to avoid common mistakes howcto prepare for the exams and you can get relevant materials from him/ her.
Mentor2  a fresh doctor ( houseofficer) he is new to the clinical practice and will help you see what areas of your theoretical work will help you in clinical practice.
Mentor3  one who has been in the profession for a couple of years if possible a consultant.
Continue from the next post

My thoughts about last week's tragedy

Hello dearies, happy new week to all of us. Am actually writting this post from the theatre lounge, as i have a few minutes before the next procedure will begin.
Last week was very emotional for me. Aside the fact that I am naturally so emotional,
we lost a patient ( a colleague from another hospital).
Loosing a patient is very heavy and trying, mainly because I have dealt with a loss before and it keeps taking me back to that moment and also because you have had time to bond with your patients that you feel the pain when they pass on.

I can't discuss the diagnosis or what happened here because its confidential but I won't fail to share what I took away from it with you.
As his pulse vanished after repeated efforts to resuscitate him and the time of death was called.
I couldn't help feeling sorry for the relatives who couldn't contain the pain.
It brought me to the harsh reality of life, as I went back home that day I kept wondering to myself
That's it?
 That's all to life? 
We work so hard, stress over a lot and in no time that's it?
Life! Life! Life!
Why do we worry so much?
Why do we let things bug us so much?

From henceforth
I choose to be happy every chance I get,
I choose to thank God instead of complaining.
I choose to love me and all around me.
I choose to live my life the best way that I can,
I choose to smile,laugh and celebrate life.
I choose to quiet the voices in my head and outside of it that remind me of what I don't have and instead replace it with thoughts of every reason I have to smile.
I choose to make peace with God and enjoy the peace that he alone can give.

While we do our best to take care of our health by eating right,exercising, stopping harmful habits and getting our health check from time to time, it is God who gives life.
You are saved not because you are a doctor,nurse, politician or because you neither drink nor smoke not even because you are physically fit but because of his grace and mercy.

Are you living your best life?
Do you thank God enough for your life?
Are you doing your best to be happy no matter what?
Have a blessed day darlings

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Sunday, 29 October 2017

7 Things I would not be caught doing!

Goodmorning darlings! Happy Monday to you all, who is excited about work today? All of us i believe?
Work starts today in ernest, am going to be seeing faces that I haven't seen in 2 months and of course I haven't won a ward coat in that amount of time too. I pray for a blessed and fulfilled day for you and I.  In the spirit of the Scorpio season I decided to post 7 things i would not be caught doing.

1.Smoking-I can't stand the smell of cigarette, it nauseats me!

2. Watching action movies
You see,  movie time is chill time for me. When I decide to watch a movie I want to be entertained and bloodshed,guns rattling and unnecessary jumping down from rooftops ain't my idea of entertainment. Give me a good commedy and romance and we are good.

3.Drinking Cold Tea
You guys am not sure if people who do this enjoy it or they just want to challenge themselves. Am that girl that halfway into drinking my tea if it becomes cold ( warm to others) am either done with it or i'll go warm it. Miss me with all that cold tea

4.Hanging out with a thug
Don' t take it tge wrong way, am too damn scared of tattoos and piercing. Am conscious of my image ( how am I going to convince anyone am not one)
Am too careful, I can't roll with someone who lives on the edge.

5.Stealing- Do I even have to explain that? Lol!!!! Am sure my mugshot will look damn good but my name and stealing can't be in the same sentence.
I hate embarrassments, I hate to put myself in awkward situations and yes am too pretty to go to jail.....take that to the bank!!! lol!!

6. Asking for more food at an event
We keep it classy as ladies, well unless you are a mum with little kids only then is it understandable to me.

7.watching football
Am just not that chick, I will most likely be on my phone at one corner the entire time.

What would you most likely not be caught doing?
Leave a comment below

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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Back to work x favourite site to shop

Hey darlings! Thank God its friday. Its always a delight to be back on here with my lovelies.
I hope you are having a beautiful week. If not, take a deep breathe the weekend is around the corner and it will only get better.
So after my last post on the ongoing doctors strike in my Center HERE the strike has finally been called off and work mode fully activated.
How ironical it is that just a few days ago, I couldn't wait for this situation  to be over. Now that it is, I kind of miss waking up by 9am with no guilt.

Am happy that those at the hem of affairs have responded to the requests of my colleagues.   
Doctors should not be undermined. We put our lives on the line and work tirelessly to save lives hence we deserve to be paid for the work  we do. 
No one should be deprived payment for work done, its inhuman.
The health sector needs attention in Nigeria. Health workers should not be pushed to strike in a country where the lives of the masses matter.
That being said, you know i had to take a selfie or two to show you how elated i am to be back to my "first love".... You like? (lol!!!!)

Its  barely few hours to 28th October ( my birthday) and although am not a big birthday girl, I love to spoil myself silly and by that I mean " cold stone" ice cream with waffles smashed into it. I don't care very much for toppings) And of course shopping!!!!!!
What girl doesn't love to shop till she drops especially if its from Poppy apparel 
I can shop the latest and trendiest outfits for a very affordable price. Shipping is free and you can get a 10 %  discount on all items with the code " stylishdoctor10" How cool is that?
Am also hoping that as i add a year, I can be a blessing and make a positive impact in someone's life too I don't know how but I trust the holy spirit to inspire me. 
I don't know if I say this enough but thank you guys for  reading,  leaving comments and sharing my posts. I havn't been blogging for up to a year yet but i have made so many wonderful friends through this platform and i hope we can have lunch or drinks someday.
Until then never let the fear of failing stop you from trying. Much love!

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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Understanding women made RIDICULOUSLY EASY!

Hey darlings welcome back to our blog. If I received a coin for all the times I have heard that women are too difficult, complicated or impossible to please I will be negotiating to buy zenith bank by now.
            Women are not as complicated as you think. This is how I see it, understanding a woman is like operating a cell phone. Pretty easy! But to someone who has no knowledge of the principles its almost rocket science.
               Everyman has at least a  wife/ girlfriend, mum,sister,auntie,cousin in his life that he loves and wants to be at peace with. Which is more reason why you need to understand these special beings.
         So because am concerned, I have taken time out to share basic knowledge on how to achieve this with you guys( I hope am speaking for all the ladies).

1.Women get scared. Dont be mad when we are freaked out by an insect,lizard,rat or worse. think of it rather as an opportunity to exercise your masculinity.
We are also scared to get hurt or die, when you start speeding "by her own standard" and she is not comfortable with it,just slow down; arguing back and forth will do you no good.
When she calls to know where you are, she is simply trying to make sure you are OK because she cares. When she complains about your keeping late nights its because she doesn't want you to fall into the wrong hands. Its coming from a place of Love.

2.Attention is fuel. You ain't  getting no peace if she isn't getting enough attention. It's really not that hard guys, check up on her when you are not together. Ask about her day, plan activities for you two. When she wants to talk about her day or what happened in the saloon or how iya Biliki did not answer her greeting the other day act interested even if you have to fake it.

3.Respect her, that means don't talk down on her in public or private. You can reprimand her at home not in public also her enemy is NOT your friend ( very important)

4.We can share our lipgloss but not our man. The only person she is not worried about is your mum,sister and auntie every other person needs to go through her to get your attention.

5. There comes a time every month when we are hormonal,irritable and a tad bit annoying. you have to know when it is and thread lightly. Yelling at this point will do more harm than good. Also understand that she might complain about so much and cry over the most mundane things. Be nice and supportive.

6.Buy her gifts. Gift is a universal language understood by women of all ethnicity and race.No matter how small, its the  thought that counts. Gifts make women happy and ahappy wife/ girlfriend equals a happy home/ relationship.

7. We need help sometimes. Real women like to play super woman juggling a career, raising kids, keeping the home clean and making sure everybody is fed and well. Even though she might not ask,deep down she needs  your help. Think of how you can help lessen her burden. You could help with the cooking sometimes,that will be romantic. You could help with the kids too. After all relationship is a partnership.

8.The man is the head of the house and the woman is the neck. Hence its the duty of the man to provide while the woman supports. Its not a 50/50 thing. You don't ask her to bring half of the rent while you bring the other half. Its a different thing if she makes more money and you both agree on how to share the responsibility. But a man should know that he is responsible for his household and not be lazy about it.

8.communicate! Women don't have a problem with this. We are not afraid to voice out what is on our mind. But this cannot be said about the male folks. They would rather discuss with their male friends than their spouse.
We would like for the men in our lives to tell us what's on their mind, what we are not doing right and how we can fix it. We want you to have an opinion even though we might not always agree with you.

9..half the time we are insecure about our look and we want you to make us feel good. Learn to give her compliments generously. She puts in the effort to get her hair and nails done, look beat and dress to the nines its a sin for you not to notice how dare you... Lol!!!

10 when she says how was the food. OK,nice,delicious is not enough. You have to dig deep. Be more creative with your compliments.

Was this helpful? Did I ommit something you would like to add? Share your thoughts in the comment box below

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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

It smelt like.............. FEET!!!

My head is banging, I would have said you should shift for me to faint but am wearing white, I cannot come and dirty my clothe.
Let me take a long deep breathe of fresh unpolluted air!! ( breathes in and out)
So I went out to get my license today and I had to wait for  close to 2 hours because they were having staff meeting at the office.
I could either come back later or wait for the meeting to be over, but I chose the later to save me the stress and fuel.
I was on my phone going through pictures on Instagram when this cute, Tall,"sidebeard having"glass of fine wine walked into the waiting room.
Typically am not one to notice a guy but i cant stress this enough. He was fiiiiinnnneeeee!!!
He looked really nice in a well tailored suit (I don't mean coat ooo) his cologne smelt expensive and he had on  a really cool Dior clear glasses ( I know because I have eyes for sturvz  like that)
I Sat there pretending not to notice, you would think I was so engrossed in whatever I was doing with my phone. My bag was on the  chair next to me but i quickly took it and placed it on my laps to make space for him (as a considerate somebody that i am)
Is this seat taken?
 I dont think so 
I said casually and returned to scrolling through my phone trying not to look interested. After a while he asked if i had been waiting for long and that was how we started talking until the atmosphere changed
He had taken off his shoes when the whole place started to stink. The stench was so concentrated and wasn't going away. It smelt so bad I didn't know whether to pretend I wasn't perceiving anything or to change position and i didnt want to embarass anybody. But when I couldn't take it anymore i  took my bag and went to the back.
Now that am thinking of it I can't imagine why he would look so " well put together" and have a stinky feet/ shoes? I wonder  if he felt embarrassed when I left to go sit behind or was he oblivious of the stench from his shoes? Should I have said something?
What would you have done in that situation?

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XOXO cee

Monday, 16 October 2017

Life Lately: EP 10 Officially a real HOUSEWIFE!

Hey lovelies Welcome back to my blog? Where have you been? Happy 17th October to you my darlings......of course everyday is special, celebrate it!
Recently we have being going on and off and  this usually is the point where I apologise for being MIA but I think you and I are over the repeat apologies as am a repeat offender. In view of that  I will say  let's raise our glasses and toast to a better last quater of the year.....cheerssssss!!!!!!!

So i couldnt blog for a while because i kind of lost touch and i wasn't motivated enough due to some circumstances beyond my control. But thanks to all those who reached out to me via instagram, phonecalls and those who even came to knock on my door to querry me on this ( lol! They know themselves)  I love you guys and I appreciate you. I might shut down sometimes but I will always come back better and better and for those who kept on refreshing my page all these while...... You are the real MVP. What i will say to a new blogger is that it takes a lot of patience, self motivation and persistence to thrive as a blogger. Share your story, have fun and trust the process. You never know whose life you bless with your posts.
To bring you up to speed with life lately; on my end ,well my centre has been on strike for 6 weeks now, barely one week into my surgery posting.
The first week I was like
         " yes! I need this time off to rest"
but after the second week passed I went from chilling to freaking out; just because more strike equals delay in rounding up my house job and am not here for it.
I have been mostly indoors doing the same thing everyday that is eat,sleep,listen to music, clean ,fiddle with my phone, read and now a real jousewife of ituku/ Ozalla.
The silver linning here is that I can say that I have 6 weeks experience in being a housewife.....I wonder if I can add that on my résumé, Instagram bio or somewhere at least!
 That has got to count for something right?
To crown it all there hasn't been electricity for a month. As if being idle is not punishment enough. My gadgets are mostly down due to the power failure......well all except my radio..that's why we are in an intimate relationship. You can find me next to my radio the next time you are looking for me.
I don't know if I should share this but since I was fussing about my leggedezbenz needing an upgrade in my previous posts its only proper I share the good news. So finally God decided i had suffered enough and went on to bless me with a RIDE! now yours faithfully can add car owner to her résumé ( is not an easy something) so if you see me drive know the drill!!!
At this point am open to ideas, guys how do you make the best of situations like this? What to you do with an overdue Strike period?
Leave a comment below,  I love to read your thoughts and contributions.

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Friday, 8 September 2017

Moving on!

Hey darlings!
Home is where the heart is and DSD is home to me apologies for each day i have gone without posting and  lawd! Have I been gone for ages!
Let me not bore you with excuses. I will tryyyyyyyyyyy to be a little more regular (fingers crossed) like I used to but if I don't...... Well, we will be fine. Let's just have fun.                      
What have you been up to? How was your sallah break? Did you do anything fun? Since the strike started i have taken time out to read books, exercise and recuperate and of course enjoy all the drama on social media. Believe me, it works like magic especially after those bad days that turn into bad weeks. Its always nice to shut down and reset your mind.
We are 8 days into the month of september, a reminder that the year is far spent and almost coming to an end. While we love and look forward to Christmas and new year celebrations, it will be nice to ask ourselves How much have I accomplished this year?
 have I done all that I set out for this year? What am I doing about setting the ball rolling as regards that project i have had on my mind for long. ( food for thought for you and I)
I finally started my surgery rotation and am loving it. Will keep you posted as we progress. Oh shoot! Did I tell you about my CHER and Newborn posting ? Phewwwww!!!!! We really need to catch up don't we? You really really really need to hear this one it was bananas for sure. OK I will  have that boxed in until my next post. So keep checking.

"Dont think too hard about anything, life is full of uncertainties let it inspire you to grow and move forward not backwards"

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Friday, 21 July 2017

Guess who is back!

Hi hun,  How're you doing ( in Wendy's voice), have you eaten? Are you ok?
I said I wasn't going to start this post with an apology because its getting toooooo much but how do I stay away for so long and come back without being apologetic especially to those who refresh my page every day (Thanks a lot).
I started my posting at Paediatric Emergency and its been a roller coaster, with me  coming home exhausted and passing out as soon as i get to my bed till the next day and the cycle continues. My hands have been full with making a living and until blogging starts putting food on "our table"  work will always come first. So please bear with me.
Why I was away what have you guys being up to? Who got a new job? Who got engaged who welcomed a new baby? Who got a new car?
I love good news I mean don't we all?
Meanwhile, what's the plan for friday? Where are you turning up? Fill me in by  Leaving  a comment below. And hey! happiness is always a choice not a circumstance. Be happy!

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Monday, 26 June 2017

My private part!

I never knew I would be sharing this, its 2am and I am still up,could be because I have a lot on my mind or because its too chilly ; although I think its the former.
A lot of things are going through my mind viz: forgiveness,domestic violence, moving on.
Where do I begin from? not to bore you with the details but am glad a lot of people are speaking up about violence at home and unapologetically so but I must add that others have suffered such from family members for whatever reason. I have been at the receiving end and I know how deep it goes,the trauma, the pain the tears and that overwhelming feeling when you hit rock bottom. I have had my own fair share of the cake with lots of icing too.
For years I have carried my feelings about in a box right next to the pain and hurt. For years I have been driven and determined to be successful just so that I can prove a point. Not that I am giving up on my pursuit of success but I do not want it to be from a place of hurt and with the intention to revenge anymore. I must forgive myself for being too hard on me,often times I had tried to just say I forgive and expect that the memory is wiped clean,when it doesn't happen that way am dissapointed, does that happen to you? Well Forgiveness is a process,it takes time ( one step at a time) its not a button that is turned on and off at will.
Life is a long journey,baggage will only slow us down.  free yourself to live a purposeful life.
 Why am I sharing this, to move on we must shed the pain,ugly experiences and choose to be more. If one person can feel better or be touched after reading this then the aim is fulfilled. That good paying job,that business,that ambition should not be to prove a point or get a revenge on those who drove you to the lowest point of your life,the hurt doesn't have to be your driving factor. Do great things for you and those who love you,the past is past and should remain there. Tomorrow is a brighter and better day with new possibilities.

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Friday, 23 June 2017

#Life lately: EP9 7 months later,how I survived!

Good morning darlings!what have you been up to? Lately I have been reminiscing on my experience 7 months ago and what I went through Here   and Here
It wasn't what I expected but I can say that I have adjusted pretty well.
So my place of work is located in a village which I think is quite thoughtful of the government so that they have access to quality healthcare and don't get left out of development.
Problem is there is hardly light,haven't been for the past 3 weeks and you have to walk some distance to fetch water. The closest market is about 45 minutes away even that does not have all that you need.
I can't believe I have been here for 7 whole  months already.
 I can remember cancelling out each day from my calendar, counting down to the end of this programme.  Goodness! How time flies!
I actually came unprepared and I feel obligated to give you tips on how to survive if you get posted to such place for service,job or whatever.

1.Rechargeables are non negotiable. Light is a luxury so be prepared! need a laptop. While  televisions  are cool, you need light to be able to watch it but once you can charge your laptop you are good , at least until the battery goes off then you are back to square1

3. You need a bestie,or two. You see this is not the kind of place where you fly solo because you will be bored out of your mind. A few good friends to gist and hang out with will make it easier to endure.

4. You need to have lots of money in your pocket. Yo would  expect that since you are going there to work you will survive with your salary, well we all thought so until we were hit by the harsh reality of the country we live in. First of all from my experience I spent a whooping sum trying to make it "livable" and then the salary didn't come as expected until much later when we were almost eating grass. So make sure you have enough stacked in case of eventualities.

5. Be sure to fleet the entire house with insecticide after cleaning, before you move in, very important!

6. Keep the porshness  away it won't do you any good. You can't be in Rome and be acting like a Ghanian ko le werk!

7.Get acquainted
I had a cab man who gave me a sort of orientation about where not to go at certain times, where to hold my purse tight. What kind of people lived where and how to blend in and that was quite helpful. Study your environment.

 With these few points of mine I hope I have been able to convince NYSC that I have payed my dues hence should be posted someone fancy for my service while also getting you prepared in case you find yourself someone similar.
I hope this helps you start your day on a beautiful note.

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Top 5 fun ways to spend the weekend!

With the weekend and public holiday ahead of us, must be nice to do something fun don't you think? Got any plans yet? I have taken the time to bring right to your door step 5  fun things to do to make the best out of your break.

1. See a movie
If you have a cinema in your town this could be a really cool way to catch up with friends and have fun. If I were in Abuja i would definitely use this opportunity to see Isoken and 10 days in sun city. unfortunately there is no cinema in my city phewwww!!!! Please who else is in Enugu and isn't finding this funny at all? Signify by leaving me a comment below.

2.Go sight seeing
You could go somewhere you havnt been in your city or you could travel if you can. In Enugu I will surely recommend Nike lake resort. Its  absolutely beautiful,natural and the best part you don't get charged a dine to go in. I did a review on it Here You could have a picnic or just enjoy the beautiful sight.

3. Make something new
This is also an oppourtunity to connectvto your inner chef.
The kitchen is my laboratory, at my free time I like to make something new,I source for recipes online and I have fun bringing them to life.

4 read a motivational book
This not only keeps you occupied, it motivates you. My favourite of all times is "How to get from where you are to where you want to be " I did a review on it Here

If there is an opportunity to volunteer do well to avail yourself of the oppourtunity you will feel good afterwards.

What's your plan for the holiday?

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HONEST PRODUCT REVIEW//say hello to 24/7 flawless makeup with sephora flawless matte primer

It wasn't love at first sight, but when i  took that leap of faith to try it, my heart melted and I haven't looked back after that.
Fast forward to 5 months ago, I was that girl that walked about with a handfan and a handtowel in my pocket always. Why? Because I can  sweat for africa.
For someone whose job keeps her on her feet moving from one point to another the whole day, it was pretty worrisome and embarassing especially when I  have to put up with questions like
Why are you sweating?
 is it this small sample you are taking that is making you sweat like this?
I had used 2 different primers that even made it worse for me until I came across the sephora flawless matte primer. I had gone to the shop for something else and somehow after talking to the cosmetologist about my ordeal he handed this to me. I was very quick to say a big No at first, can you blame me? I had tried other products and I was DONE!
After much persuasion I reluctantly decided to give it one more shot.
The first day I used it I didn't see much improvement maybe because I had the mindset that it was going to be like others and I would toss it aside after a while. But subsequently it started working wonders.
I got mine for #2500 which I think is quite affordable.
I apply a little on my hand and massage into my face,leave for about 10 mins before applying my makeup
It gives me a finer and smoother base for my makeup and keeps my face dry and my makeup intact all through the day.
I knew i was inlove with this product when it dawned on me that I couldnt remember the last time I went to work with a handtowel. I dont sweat half as much as i used to, my face is dry all day and my makeup doesn't get messy halfway into the day any longer
Sephora is bae!
Are you struggling with your makeup getting messy due to excessive sweating or your oily skin?
Have you tried this product?
Please leave me a comment below I would love to hear your thoughts

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Saturday, 17 June 2017


I couldn't resist  putting up this post because as cliché as it may sound,we can never get enough of good advice. While there are so many rules,guidelines and keys to building and sustaining a relationship. you need to have the following points encoded in your DNA if you are still single and genuinely want the "happily ever after"

1.You need to get out more , no one is going to see how awesome you are if you are always stuck in your comfort zone.

2. Know what you want. You can't be guessing or let the wind throw you where ever it pleases. Get it together, define what you want and go for it.

3. How is your personal hygiene? Always put yourself in the other person's shoes; would you want to come close to you if you were the other person? If yoou sweat a lot have your bath at least twice a day and use deodorants,check your breathe too,very important.

4.Smile more, Its totally free, it makes you appear more friendly and approachable can't make all that money and not spend it on yourself. I don't care if you are saving to build a mansion if you can't be nice to yourself with your hard earned money then its not worth it.

6.Don't be too quick to turn down love advances, at least give it a thought.

7.Don't go sliding into anyone's DM. It may have worked for some but you have 90% chance of regretting it. Its so uncool for a lady. You can drop a hint but never make it look like you are the one chasing

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Friday, 16 June 2017

The TRUTH about my 1st month in paediatrics!

Hey guys!  I promised in my last post to take you through what I have learnt in my first month in Paediatrics department and I haven't forgotten.
 So I got posted to nephrology unit which happens to be the busiest,which is both good and bad  depending on how you look at it.
 OK let's dive right into it shall we? So in no particular order here we go.

1. Word to the wise, If you don't like keeping vigil or having people  wake you up late at night please don't even bother about paediatrics.Most days when am on night call ,i don't sleep all through, reason being that their is always something to do. Whenever there is a critical case you have no business with sleep for that day.

2.The loud,high pitched piercing cry that can even deafen an already deaf man are a constant in the paediatric ward, It's more annoying when you have to deal with that at night.
Good thing is with time you will get so used to it that it will be like music to your ears trust me.

3. I have been perfecting my kid friendly language and accent.This one kid keeps looking at me like
 " what is wrong with this one" 
and the last time I give him a pen and paper to write just so I can do a quick examination and he threw it in my face like "ogbeni don't bribe me jooorrrr"

4.When a child is sick it takes a toll on the parents. It can either bring the family together or tear them apart which most often is the case. Most  mothers nursing a sick child get really frustated and  take it out on the the husbands,doctors and the nurses. When dealing with such people, patience and understanding is key.

5.Money is very well important, I mean very very very important. In this recession nobody is giving out free "anything".The hospital has helped in the past but such patients absconded blocking the way for others.
I will not say outrightly that you must marry rich or that you have to have so much money before getting married, but please before babies start coming into the mix make sure there is a reasonable amount of money stashed for emergencies.

6.You never stop reading as a paediatrician, there is so much to know,you don't  come for ward round unprepared. Questions will be asked and you don't want to look stupid before your patients.

7. With good food, immunisation,good hygiene and environmental sanitation kids are less likely to fall sick.

8. Life generally is unfair you get what you get and make the best of it. If you disagree then can you explain to me why a 6 year old should be suffering from cancer?.....Life!

9. In all I think kids are adorable I love them am excited when I see them in the morning especially the ward president chidera ( 2 years old) . kid is as lively and playful as they come. We call him that because he has stayed longer than all the other kids, though he has being discharged his mum has refused to go.

10. Will I want to be a paediatrician? still thinking about it!

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

The kids and I

are looking up way better than my first week in paediatrics department and even though am not totally loving it just yet,it feels way better than how I felt the first week.
So this kid keeps crying whenever I come close to his bed for anything and I can see him giving me the side eye whilst clutching tightly to his mum's bossom.  Hmmmmm!!!! I think I need a new look, maybe a new hairdo.
Its always so cute when you run into them in the clinic after they have been discharged and they give you that big hug like" now we can be friends"
.......... Kids! So adorable!
Am still thinking about where to specialise really, paediatrics is calling but mehnnn!!! Can I deal with the stress? hmmmm!!! Kids are not exactly the easiest to manage, sometimes all you want to do is listen to their chest but then all hell breaks loose And then comes the yelling!!!
 Aside being uncooperative about the simplest things, you have to be extremely careful as all the drugs and fluids are tailored to each child's specification.
I have being in the unit for about a month now and I have learnt quite a lot which I will be sharing in my next post so keep thy fingers crossed. One thing for sure is "I love being around  kids doesn't equal I should be a paediatrician".

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Monday, 5 June 2017

Dear Zenith Bank!

I woke up this morning after a laid back,peaceful night call/duty( such calls are not easy to come by)and the first thing I saw was an alert from Zenith bank.
Credit alert right!!!!What a way to start the  week, I was excited!
 been waiting for that alert like kilode.
 I opened the message and much to my greatest displeasure
 the content wasn't sexy at allllllll
It was a debit alert for monthly MasterCard fee or something.....(this early morning?....ha!)
All these annoy me to no end, upholstery fee,service charge,e.t.c
  on top the small money am just saving in your bank ni?
kuku collect everything.
If not for their wonderful customer service and how reliable they are( which is why i love my bank) i would have reverted back to the old days; dig a hole and save my money there, at least I will not pay service charge, what do you think?
They cannot even surprise someone for once and say take this bonus for being a good customer or take this #50k as we celebrate customers appreciation day or even take this #5000 for your transport fare to our bank because we value the space your account occupies on our database ( rolls eye) .......yelz!
I cannot even keep calm about how the hospital generator was on all through yesterday, I mean from morning till the next morning! Big deal!
If you are "in the abroad" you will not understand. Putting on the generator all through the day is a big step up even if its just for one day and that kind of upgrade should be commended.
OK shift over! Time to get ready for work again because "na the work wey we dey do"
Have a blessed and successful week darlings.

"If you can think it then you can make it happen"

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Saturday, 3 June 2017

What life has taught me #1: Trust your gut!

Kisses my darlings! How was your night?
Awesome?.......yeah! I thought as much,you  You know what they say about being away from a loved one right? the heart will not rest until its back to its love, well i missed this space and missed you all too.
  (covers face)
 Consistency is definitely top of my list for this month.
In between carrying a consult to the paediatric surgeons on call from one end of the department to another And the team avoiding it like a plague and having to dodge being asked for money for the umpteenth time, I had some time to reflect and long story short I came up with the idea for this blog post.
You see, Life is a school( don't ask me if its a grade school,high school or college) we make mistakes and we learn everyday.
In my twenty something years in this institution I have learnt some valuable lessons that sometimes I wish I can rewind and start all over again, with what I know now I will be on fire! 
I know a lot of teenagers and young adults read my blog hence I will be sharing lessons that will help you be better informed,take wiser decisions so we can all be great together.I decided to make it one lesson per post so  it doesnt get too long and we can easily digest the information.Is that OK?
1. Trust your gut! Don't be a push over
Hmmmmm!!!! Where do I even begin?
I mean this is the most important of them all because its the foundation for a lot of other things.
Have you had people make jokes at you for wanting to be more? well I have and my mistake was I let it get to me and in the long run I realised that I was on the right track to making a huge difference and achieving awesome things but "I chickened out" because other people's opinions mattered instead of trusting my instinct.
If you are passionate about something you really want to do,dont go about asking for people's approval because guess wgat you are more likeky to be discouraged than encouraged.... true story!
just do your research and get to work already. What's the worst that can happen ?you don't hit your target or according to society you fail......pick your self up and keep it moving eventually you will get thereand you will be glad you didnt give up not to mention the knowledge you would have acquired on the journey.
Don't be scared to set a trend,don't be scared to try new things.
Some people are born leaders,they lead and others follow don't make yourself a follower when you are a leader.
Even when its not making sense just trust the process and keep pushing. Occasional re-evaluation, little adjustments here and there and you are good.
Its not as easy as it sounds trust me I understand but if you persist you will be glad you did.

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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Ovie's voice and a cup of gratitude!

Have you ever had that OMG! moment when something just clicks in your head, and gets you in deep thoughts, questioning a whole lot of things.
Well..... if you haven't, you need to pay more attention to your inner voice.
That moment for me was after watching "ovie's voice".
 Not a lot of movies get me emotional......oh well...... Indian movies do.
lawwddd!!! I could cry buckets watching them.
But I had a sort of epiphany after that movie. I thought to myself, I can see, talk, hear, walk and I still find a dozen things to complain about. I still have requests tabled before God each time I pray. Whereas there are people who cannot see, hear yet they wake up everyday and live their lives normally,they have not killed themselves. How many times have you been grateful for the free gifts that though seem little but are really huge and important, like the gift of sight, hearing, breathing and walking without?
How often do we take a break from wealth chasing wealth, making demands, complaining of what we don't have, to appreciate the things in life we have gotten freely?
You see, while you are worried about not having a lot of shoes someone somewhere just wants to be able to walk...!!!!Don't get me wrong Its noble to be ambitious, dream big and spoil yourself every now and then.
What am saying in a nutshell  my darlings is, it won't hurt if we are more grateful and appreciative of the little gems in life that make it beautiful and make our dreams achievable.
I can say without a doubt that I experienced a new kind of peace and joy that come with being appreciative even when a thousand things are going wrong when I started practising this principle.
It keeps your mind, soul and body in a healthy place until you work things out.
I pray the lord will strengthen those around us with physical challenges and put in our hearts the grace to be grateful for what we have.

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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

If life had a PAUSE....

Happy "not workers day" darlings!I see you re-reading and wondering to yourself what the hell does that mean?
 I know that's not a real thing, but hey! any reason to be happy is good enough ain't it?
To think that I woke up this morning not in a hurry to get ready for work is pure joy!
......In my mind,am practicising for when I become  the CEO of a multinational company Chai!!! I can go to bed and wake up whenever I like without fear of getting a query.....
hmmmmm!!!! *jots down an important prayer point*
 Can I get an Amen somebody!

Am on leave but technically i still have a ton of things to do.
 I finally got a website and soon we will be upgrading from blogspot to our very own personalised  site. Yayyyyy!!!!!!
that's growth right there and am grateful. To think that this started as a joke but has enjoyed  tremendous growth over the last 6 months is a blessing.

Am taking a leap of faith today to register for driving lessons; oh yes!! Faith without work is eye service!
That's my own way of saying :

Lord I am ready for an upgrade oooo my miracle car locate me!!!!!!!
we have trekked enough under the rain,under the sun even under the thunder sef
Its time for divine compensation.

If I were to make one wish now it would be that life had a PAUSE button so I can really enjoy this one week I have to pay attention to me.
Now that I have this chinkini ( small) break see how the day is running faster than Usain Bolt.
Someone cannot even close her eye in peace and the next thing its 10 hours later.

 How is your day going? Great i hope but if you are having a bad day just remember its just that- a bad day, not a bad life!
Many people will give an arm to be where you are today so be grateful and make the best of it, for only so will you receive bigger and better blessings.

"People who are secure in themselves don't pull others down,they lift them up "

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Please leave a comment below.I will love to hear your thoughts!

Monday, 1 May 2017

Guys get in here! 5 things to avoid when meeting her family

Happy workers day to every hardworking Nigerian may the lord bless the works of our hands.
Remember when I did the post on meeting the in-laws for the first time for the ladies Here
Well to be fair I decided to do a long overdue sequelae for the guys ( better late than never right?)
It's much easier for a guy to impress his prospective in-law than for a lady to do so  but even so making a good impression and winning her parents heart is a very big plus 
Basically this post will be to highlight the things you should avoid when you meet the parents of your girlfriend/fiancée.

1. You see those pants with lots of pockets and zips that you like to sag and feel like a gangstar with.....??? Oh yeah ! You know the one ...... Trash it!!!
No family wants to give their daughter to a man they ain't sure of.
A simple t-shirt decent pants and sneaks will do if  you are going for a casual look

2. Cut down the Public display of affection. Its good you let them know just how much you love their daughter but they don't want to glimpse you two sucking face and groping each other so until you are out of the house keep all the mushiness away.

3.Don't come empty handed
This is a non negotiable part of etiquette 101. Showing up empty handed you might as well have a tag on your forehead saying  hey! I have no respect for you, I am  ill mannered, please think the worst of me.
A bottle of fruit wine, a loaf of bread to say the least will go a long way.

4.It is not all about you
lots of guys are guilty of this maybe out of nervousness or sheer arrogance; they spend a better part of the meeting talking about themselves , their achievements and how well they are doing maybe in a bid to portray themselves as hardworking and a good prospect, this pisses even the most arrogant person off.
While they will want to get to know you don't just go on and on about yourself. Answer  specific questions thrown at you, be modest and ask about your host too.

5.Don't leave your manners at home
In at much as you should feel at home don't go picking your nose at the table,chewing with your mouth open,sitting with your legs on the table, be in your best behaviour and dont forget to thank your host.

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Sunday, 30 April 2017

#life lately: EP 8 first of all....!!!!!

Hey darlings !!!!! Mehnnnn! I miss this space I have been MIA for too long ( my apologies!) Let me reintroduce my self
Mmmmhhhmmm. *clears throats*
 Hi my name is Cynthia Osigwe ( the stylish doctor) I am Nigerian and i  love jollof. lol!!!!!!
Am actually in a good mood..... Why wouldn't I be???.... the lord has been so merciful and gracious to me.
So I was seriously ill  thats why i couldnt put up any post  ( when the doctor becomes a patient). I don't fall sick often, in fact  I haven't in years , so it was almost like a new feeling for me lying down not being able to help myself and taking drugs. But am much better now.
While I don't ever want to fall sick again let me share with you a few things I learnt in the course of my "hiatus"

1.Doctors make the worst patients .

2.Health professionals should pay attention to their own health as well. Sometimes we get so busy taking care of patients that we ignore our own wellbeing.

3.Good friends cannot be bought, they are special gifts from God. If you have such friends you are blessed.

4.Life is precious,good health is a blessing never take it for granted. Everyday you wake up hale and hearty be grateful. owe yourself the exclusive right to be happy. Make everyday count.
Expect  More posts "back to  back" to make up for the long absence.

How is your day going?
What do you hate most about being sick? Feel free to leave a comment below .

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Dear TEENAGER.....!!!

 I just got off the phone with my teenage cousin whom i haven't spoken to for almost 6 months pls dont ask me why.
Since my call has been uneventful I decided to ring her and we spoke for long.
 Talking to her today took me back to  when i was a teenager.
Its a very delicate and stressful period for both the teenagers and their loved ones that should be handled with care.
I will like to share some useful advice I gave to her and I hope other teenagers find this helpful.

1. Find and develop  your talent(s). It might be silly to others and even to you but as long as its not something negative build it and have fun doing it.

2.Dont bother yourself too much about being liked. Focus rather on being yourself being a good friend and building lasting friendship with people who care about you.

3. I know it is the era of computer, social media, entertainment and all that bt the truth is Education is very important, yes it is but it should not limit you.

4 you are not too young to start building your dream business,or too young to make a difference

5. Use your holiday for something productive. Learn a skill, learn how to play an instrument, take cooking, makeup or sewing classes. Learn as much as you can.

6.Don't be in a hurry to have sex. There is plenty of time for that in the future( did I just say that?.....yes I did!) Don't let a few minutes of pleasure ruin your life forever.

7.Treat your body well,exercise,eat right and lay off  sugary foods. Your present self will look and feel good and your future self will be thankful.

8. Pay attention to how you look ,you are not too young to take your personal grooming seriously or to make sure
that you look smart and beautiful.

9. Get a mentor; someone you can talk to and get good advice from. Could be someone in your family,church,school but preferably someone older whose life inspires you.

10. Confidence not only attracts people but opportunities as well . keep working at it.
 You don't have to fit in,embrace your uniqueness. No one is you and that's your selling point.

11. Its OK if you don't have life figured out, life is a journey things will fall in place at the right time. But in the meantime smile,smile,smile .life is beautiful.

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Monday, 17 April 2017

About the holiday X Nike lake resort

Goodmorning darlings! Still sleeping?the holiday is over and guess what time it is. Its  get up smell the coffee and get to work o'clock already, so let's get excited. But before then here is a summary of what happened over the weekend.
I started marking my calendar for this long awaited 4 days  holiday( Friday to Monday) long ago.
I couldn't wait to sleep for as long as I wanted without waking up the next morning and rushing off to prepare for work.
So you can imagine my disappointment when on Friday morning I got news that whilst it rained the night before some hoodlums had gone to vandalise the transformer and because it was a public holiday the chances of getting it fixed before the end of the holiday was less than 50%.
Mtchewwww!!!!!! Holiday without light is that one holiday?
Thankfully it was restored Saturday.

My appetite was on vacation as well, it happens that when am stressed, every food turns to medicine in my mouth.
I wasn't having that, I couldn't afford to not have appetite for Easter rice and chicken one bit. and since am not a big fan of taking drugs (*covers face* ) i mixed malt and mix and drank of all it . It worked like magic!)
After taking it,I dozed off and when I woke up I was energised and my appetite returned.
I finally got across to watching " the wedding party"
Yeah! I know am late to the party ( pun intended) but its better late than never right?
Zainab Balogun  was amazing, she really played the part. Adesuwa (as dunni coker)was gorgeous. I think she should just date Banky W........  thats if they aint already. They will make really cute kids that's for sure .
Iretiola Doyle (as Mrs Onwuka)was born for that role
 damnnnn!!!! she embodied class,sophistication and Elegance with so much ease. I could watch her all day long!
I have watched the movie over and over and it cracks me up the whole
time. Did I forget the white lady?(Adesuwa's bridesmaid cant remember her name now) she is a  doll!!!! Each time she tries to pronounce "Gbegiri" I can't help myself.
 too hilarious!!!!
I finally got to visit Nike lake Resort.
 I have been meaning to go for a decade but never found the time.
OMG! The place is divine.
If  you need a beautiful place to just relax and appreciate nature in its purest form,Nike lake resort  Enugu is the place for you.
I think in all I had a pretty decent time And am so happy I did.

How did you enjoy your Easter holiday?
Did you go someone fun or did you spend the time indoors.
I will love to hear all about it in the comment section below 

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Who doesn't want the holiday to be over? Me,me,me and me I don't know about you but holidays are my favourite thing.....and this Easter was lit!!!
One of the reason why I can step out without makeup and not feel awkward is because of my skincare routine and one product that has been of great help to me is the ARGUSSY Green Tea spa salt.
 I haven't been regular with  it because most Mornings are a marathon but the break has afforded me time to do so

The product
I came across this product when I got tired of trying different products on my rough and "pimpulated face". I was highly skeptical about trying it only because I had tried on a dozen others with no significant improvement. I reluctantly decided maybe one more trial might make a difference.
Its ingredients include tablesalt(Nacl),olive oil,vitamin E,glycerine.

How much does it cost?

Its pretty affordable which is what I love most by the way, I got this for eight hundred naira From a cosmetic shop.

How is it used?

I take a little quantity and because its dry
I add a little water to make it easy to apply.
I exfoliate my face with it gently, with more attention the the areas with blemishes while making  sure not to forget the crevices like the sides of the nose and underneath the nose.
I do this until the crystals dissolve on my face after which I wash it off with water. You don't have to wait for it to stay in before washing out which is perfect for when in a hurry.
This should be done daily for a faster result.
Unlike many products I have used in the past, the effect was very visible immediately I washed my face.
My face felt softer,clearer and smoother after the first use, you could tell that there was a big difference when I applied my makeup it wasn't bumpy as usual it kind of gave my face that primer feel and made my makeup blend completely on my face.
With subsequent use my acne started clearing and I have never had to look back again.

 peep that glow

I absolutely love this product,it really lived up to its promise of a smooth and radiant skin. I love the fact that its natural, affordable, available and has a sweet "almost edible" fragrance.
I wish it came in a cup instead of a satchet to make it easier to store as I had a hard time balancing the satchet on my dresser.

Are you struggling with acne,blemish or a rough face? Have you tried this product? Are you willing to try it.
Leave me a comment on your thoughts down below.

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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Happy Easter celebration || The true meaning of Easter

Happy Easter darlings! In the spirit of this wonderful celebration i hope you are happy,blessed and thankful. For today our lord Jesus christ is risen and our hope for sslvation is sure.
To help us celebrate better, i will like to throw more light on the essence of Easter and why we celebrate it as christians.

What's Easter all about?

For some its a holiday period while for others its a time to rest from the daily hassles of life, work e.t.c
Easter celebration simply put is all about the DEATH and RESSURECTION of our lord Jesus Christ and a reminder of our redemptive blessings which includes salvation of souls, healing, deliverance, mercies, material provision, wisdom, strength and honour which are also the long lasting effect of Easter.
The resurrection of Christ is the anchor of the Christian faith; for the purpose of his death would not have been complete if he did not rise again.
His ressurection reconciled us back to God and restored our position in God before the fall of man
Furthermore  its a reminder and celebration of the devil's defeat forever.
The devil lost all the power he had over Christians the day Jesus resurrected and an understanding of this empowers us as Christians to challenge the enemy and exercise our authority over him in every areas of our life in Jesus name.
Easter is more than eating and drinking , its a day to praise God and thank him for his great wisdom for salvation.
Therefore don't make it only about exchanging gifts,Eating or spending time with family and loved ones but also a time to Celebrate Jesus,reconnect with him and appreciate the redemptive power of his resurrection.
Have a beautiful Easter celebration and may his resurrection be the beginning of great things in your life bring to life every testimony that you desire.

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

#lifelately EP 7:blackberrypalava! 2

Good morning loves, yes we were in the middle of a gist yeah?
OK give me a minute, let me adjust my pancake properly .........
*clears throat* and sips on a glass of water.
So where were we?
If you are just joining us ,its a long story. The gist started Here
So she was so certain she would be able to identify the robber because his face was not covered  and she had the time to get a good look at him whilst begging for her sim card.
As a sharp girl that Stella is, she had a plan who wouldn't? Is it easy to loose a BlackBerry phone at that time and let let it slide? Hell no!!
I even forgot to tell you the guy was still using her bbm oooo
She showed his dp to my roommate to know if it was the said robber and she said Yes! She was sure it was him.
 OK continue!
Sharp babe finally convinced the guy to come visit her on campus after flirting with him and they fixed a day. On that day she informed the sheriffs ( campus security) and they were at alert.
The dude finally showed up in the evening, in his mind he had come to see his hot new catch. Stella showed up and when she had identified him and talked briefly with him she signalled the sheriffs who surroundef him and made sure he didn't escape. While they were dragging him to the security post Stella's friends and onlookers pounced on him and gave him the beating of his life.with shouts of thief! Thief! In the air
On getting to the security post, he was queried but he denied being a thief ,that he has never stolen anything in his life.
My housemate was asked if she was sure of her claim and babe just fell everybody's hand

Emmmm!! Am not that sure.!!
Maybe he is not the one but he looks like him somehow but am not sure!
When they have beaten blood out of him?
Are you for real?

That was when people calmed down to listen to his own story.
He denied being a thief or a robber and  when asked how he came about the phone he said he bought it (as fairly used)from a guy at a phone repair shop he didn't know the guy prior to that day and only bought it because it was sold to him at a lesser price.
The sheriffs blamed him for buying a phone without making proper enquiries about the owner. They tried to see how he can help them find the robber but he still maintained that he knew nothing about the seller and had only seen him on the day he bought the phone.
Long story short, the phone was collected from him and given to the rightful owner (Stella) I think they still tried to trace the robber to retrieve the second phone but I didn't follow up on that.
Why did I bring up this story? It shows how nothing is permanent now there are even better,more sophisticated and more expensive phones than BlackBerry today.
Moral of the story? Look before you leap to avoid stories that touch
Don't sell yourself for material things be it cars,phones, watches,e.t.c because better ones will always come and you will look back and see that it was never worth it.

Have a blessed day ahead, spread love to all.

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 Happy palm Sunday darling!!! For those of us who don't really know what palm Sunday signifies in the Christian community I will do yo...