Saturday, 31 December 2016

LIFE LATELY:#Ep1:My experience with " one chance" in Enugu

So yesterday I  wanted to go withdraw some money from the bank because I have not gotten my ATM and my bank is about 45minutes drive from where I stay (strange right) and didn't want to be cashless over the weekend.
I didn't want to take a bus in the park because I was in a hurry to get to the bank before closing hour,so I decided to pick one along the road since its faster ( little did I know)
I stood under the scorching sun for almost 30 minute with no taxi in sight. Just as I was beginning to think of a plan B a taxi pulled up beside me
"Gariki! Gariki!"
"Yes enter,hope you have change"

To be honest I was skeptical at first but a guy who was also waiting for a vehicle got in and when I saw a lady at the backside I relaxed and got in.
The driver asked me to sit infront with another guy even though there were just 2 people at the back. I didn't think about why he would say that I just got in and we drove off.
A short while after the taxi drove off I started feeling uncomfortable,my spirit was not at rest I did the sign of the cross and started praying in my mind hoping I was not in the midst of kidnappers or ritualists.
The next thing  the driver started complaining about the front being too tight I adjusted and when he asked the guy to do the same he refused

"I have paid you so you can't ask me to shift"

They started arguing then the driver slowed down in an attempt to stop the vehicle insisting that one person should go to the back
  I waded in and ask him to be patient till we get to the junction.
I was more scared than angry because we were at a very lonely and dangerous place with just bushes around.
He continued,still grumbling about how the guy was sitting on  his gearbox.
He finally stopped some distance before the junction.
From where he stopped we could see there was "hold up" and road safety officials and police men were there.
 He asked me to go behind I got down with my bag but when I tried to open the  back door it was locked, expecting the driver to help he just drove off leaving me standing there and wondering what just happened.

I know real taxi drivers don't joke with their money, they would come down and open the door so long as they gets their money or ask for part of the money since I had gone halfway.
I didn't know what to make of it, i just walked to the junction and took a bus going my way.
 I told a friend about it and he laughed and said thank God for your life you just escaped " one chance people"
He asked if my money and phone was intact and I confirmed it
According to him the idea was when I stepped out to go to the back they will drag my bag from me and zoom off but seeing that there was holdup and security officers present at the junction they couldn't perpetrate their evil plan
Please be very watchful of things like this so you don't fall prey to these wicked people. still thanking God for my life and for delivering me.
This is aweekly series I intend to maintain, I will share things that I experience and my thoughts over the weekend
 Phewwww!!!!!...... I can't believe how fast the time is flying.

Have you encountered "one chance "?
Feel free to share in the comment box.

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Breakfast thoughts!

 Good morning sunshine!
Saturdays are the only days I get to have breakfast in my PJs. Every other day I eat half hurriedly before dashing out or I don't eat at all until I get to work.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should not be skipped not only is it a nice peaceful way to kick start the day but its overwhelming health benefits are too great to miss out on.

For breakfast today am having hot chocolate (perfect for the weather),sliced bread and fried egg with vegetables.(carrot,green peas and onions) and  cucumber on the side.
Part of my new year resolution is to Not skip breakfast anymore ,eat healthy and that includes lots of fruits and veggies.
Don't be to busy to eat right, you need to be in good health to enjoy the fruit of your labour.

What are you having for breakfast?

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Friday, 30 December 2016

Much ado about "Winter in Nigeria"

 Hey guys!Hammattan season always  takes some getting used to every time it arrives,even though it shows up around  the same time every year.
One moment you are battling  with the sweltering heat that is prevalent in the rainy season and the next minute boom!..... The haze appears and the ambient temperature drops and dear harmattan is all up in our faces.
I woke up this morning contemplating if i must go to work today "do i really need this job?" " What if i just stay in bed all day?" In my defence it was extremeky chilly and i was ob night duty the night before hence i didnt get much skeep.
Unfortunately bills have to be paid and lying in bed won't help that.
I had to drag myself to the bathroom and finally had my bath after standing there for clost to 20 minutes staring at my bucket of "ice cold" water wondering who i have offended.
To help you better prepare and be equipped for "African winter" here are 5 very important tips you need to know to prepare for it.
1.take care if your skin
 Hydration! Hydration! Hydration!.... The place of this cannot be overemphasized. This is the best time to check for who has a beautiful skin or not. Because of the harsh effect of harmattan on the skin,its necessary to take lots of water to keep the skin supple and avoid looking like a ghost

 2.keep your lips moisturized
This is one of those tines when a guy can get away with having lots of lip gloss on.the season has a great affinity for tearing up the lips so to prevent this you should moisturize with lipgloss if you are not into the "shiny look" you can opt for lip balm or good old Vaseline.

 3.Thick clothing
 This is not the time for light clothing at all its usually really chilly in the morning although sometimes when the sun comes out the weather looks confused. If you are one of those who leave for work very early in the morning or you work in a place with no heater you might want to get a thick jacket ,warmers and thick clothing underneath because the cold is not smiling. And while you are at it make sure it's something stylish because you might be in it longer than you expect.

4.Tend to your hair
 This season can cause hair to dry up, become stringent and brittle and ultimately lead to hair loss. To prevent this moisturise and oil your hair often especially for those rocking their natural hair but don't overdo it as it can attract dust to your hair.

5. There is need to take more preventive measures during harmattan. Limit exposure to dust,get a nose mask or cover your nose with scarf if need be. Wash your curtains,clean objects in your home and office with wet napkins,eat healthy meals and lots of fruits and vegetables to help your body fight infections  prevalent in this season like common cold.

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Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Xmas break and all things in between!

Hey guys!!! I would have done this a long time ago but I got caught up with preparations and work. So our dear idunnu got her prize and sent me some pictures before

the weekend am so glad she loved it. I had an amazing 25th December i hope you did too.I spent it with the most amazing people ever. Growing up christmas was for the kids we would dress up in in our "christmas clothes" and we would go in groups to visit friends and family of course with bags to carry all the goodies we would get,it was so much fun but i didn't see much of that this Christmas. I think that is fading away,makes me wonder if kids of today enjoy Christmas at all.
We are just a fewhours to the new year,if you are still figuring out how to end the year like a "BOSS" and start the new year like a "BALLER" you need to see Here But this weather though,got me feeling all type of way....please where is my mug?.... I will just jejely drink tea and cover myself with the blood of Jesus to avoid stories that touch I have been listening to Diana by techno nonstop since yesterday.that has got to be my favourite! I promise not to be away for too long again. Am working on making the blog bigger and even better, you won't want to be left out.lots of freebies coming soon as well.

How did you spend the Christmas break?

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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Cervical cancer: the killer and how it operates

Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers in women worldwide. Almost all cases are caused by a virus called human papilloma to virus ( HPV). Sexually active women of all age groups are at risk of developing this of the scariest things about this can er is that it does not Show any symptoms in it’s early stages, but after the disease has spread to various organs like the liver,bladder,lungs e.t.c symptoms become more prominent. Below are 10 warning signs of cervical cancer you should not ignore,some of them can be caused by other pathologies aside cancer like Sexually transmitted infection,pelvic inflammatory disease e..t.c but  as an adult woman if you notice any of these symptoms do well to consult your  gynecologist for proper check up.
1. Abnormal vaginal bleeding                                                                                                                                      an untimely bout of vaginal bleeding that occurs regularly could be an indicator of cervical cancer. This is because  as cancer spreads  to nearby tissues, it creates new, abnormal capillaries  that break easily and causes bleeding. Such bleeding may happen between menstrual periods, after sexual intercourse, after menopause and even after a pelvic exam. It could also be due to other medical conditions like hormonal imbalance,pelvic inflammatory disease or infection in the pelvic organs
          2 .Unusual vaginal discharge                                                                                                        
   its normal to have a little bit of  colourless,odourless,discharge but if this              discharge increases in quantity,smells foul or has an irregular appearance it could be a sign of infection or cervical or endometrial cancer. If you experience this please consult a gynecologist immediately.
3. painful intercourse                                                                                                                                
This is another warning sign of cervical cancer that is seen in the advanced stage when the cancer has spread throughout the tissues and reproductive organs. 
4. painful urination                                                                                                                                  
This is one of the most obvious and prevalent symptoms of this deadly disease  
5.loss of bladder control
Loss of control is a primary issue when suffering from cervical cancer. It typically indicates tat the cancer has spread beyond a localised area and is affecting the bladder or other parts of the urinary they tend to have urinary incontinence coupled with blood in urine
6.heavier and longer menstrual period
 irritation of the cervix possibly due to spread of cervical cancer can cause this problem.Heavy bleeding can be due to hormonal imbalance fibroid, polyps,pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, or thyroid, liver or kidney disease. It can even happen due to certain medication  
7. Leg pain 
women diagnosed of cervical cancer often complain of swelling on their legs.whenthe cancer spreads it obstructs blood flow which causes swelling in the legs.This often creates a sore,painful sensation making it hard to carry out day to day activities. The pain tens to be constant and increases in Intensity over times there also may e back pain. 
8.pelvic pain
this usually does not occur unless the cancer is in a very advanced occurs at unusual times an may start suddenly without any trigger and last for a longer period of time.

9.unexplained weight loss
as seen in other types of cancer,unexplained weight loss can indicate cervical cancer.when suffering from cancer the immune system  works hard to fight it.he body produces small proteins called cytokines which beaks down fat at a much higher rate than normal.this leads to weight loss irrespective of your diet.
10.constant fatigue
if you are feeling low or lack of energy despite resting it could be a cause for concern when suffering from cancer, healthy red blood cells are replace with white blood cells to fight off the disease. This causes anaemia leading to fatigue,lack of nerdy and loss of addition there is decreased oxygen supply to the body. 
preventive tips
1.women between 20 and 30 years old should get a screening every 3 years those 30 to 65 years old should be screened every 3 to 5 years.
2. Get a HPV  vaccination be fore your early twenties if possible
3. quit smoking and avoid second hand smoke
4.take the right steps to prevent STDs

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People keep saying there is no money yet there was serious Human traffic at the market today because of all the Christmas shopping going on.
Am so tired I spent  close to 6 hours in the saloon today for a hairstyle that ordinarily shouldn't take more than 3 hours to make .my butt hurts.
One thing I don't like about Enugu is the mad traffic and how reckless a lot of the drivers can be.I still wonder how pregnant women who are not mobile are coping.
Hi Santa what I want this Christmas is
1.A digital camera 12.1mp
2.for all my patients to get well soon and go home
3. To grow the  blog further
4.For blog visitors to ALWAYS leave a comment
5. For world peace.
I hope that's not too much to ask Santa.
Your turn,
What do you want for Christmas?

This is where I say goodnight lovelies, after a long day all i need now is a cold bath and zzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!
Have a pleasant night rest.muuaaahhhhh!

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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

A shy guy's guide to talking to ladies

Top of the morning to my darlings on here. Those still in bed,preparing to go to work and already at work. I hope you had a peaceful night rest.
Some people have complained that I write for the ladies only and the guys are being left out.
Am sorry if it looks that way,I will try as much as possible to fix that. So here is one for the guys.
So you are having problems chatting her up,you immediately become anxious and tongue tied when you approach her.
You are not alone,it happens to alot of people but it can be fixed with the right information and practice.
Here are some tips to help you
1. Take a few minute to observe her mood before going over,you don't want to approach her when she is in a bad mood unless you don't mind the embarrassment. Is she busy or in a hurry so you plan what to say and how to say it. Also is she alone or with friends if its the later you might want to stay put untill you can get her alone reason is you have a higher chance of being snobbed just so her friends won't say she is "easy".
2.put some work into how you look and smell this will boost your confidence women love a confident man and it will make her more receptive to you.
You don't have to rob a bank to achieve this wear clean clothes, your boxers shouldn't be worn more than twice,socks should be worn once and washed.
Be sure to brush and bath properly  nothing irks a lady like bad mouth or body odour.
3.introduce yourself confidently without being boastful. So many guys are guilty of this. While this will  impress some ladies it won't impress a real woman.its corny and childish.
4.compliment her but not on something very obvious or something she expects. A lot of people must have told her how beautiful she is. Set yourself apart. Compliment her on something she does not expect but will appreciate like her hairstyle,something she made herself e.g bracelet.
5 listen,listen,listen, some guys just like the sound of their own voice they talk and talk that the whole time the lady is just quiet watching them.Its a conversation not a monologue. Let her do most of the talking,listen attentively and nod to show that you are following and ask questions.
6.if you are at a lose on what to say and you can't find anything happening around you to talk about don't panic. Just ask about her hobbies,favourite things,her passion or about her job and follow it up.let it flow.
7.Have fun with the conversation, don't bore her and avoid moments of awkward silence.
8.practice makes perfect.Practice talking to as many ladies as you can,you can start with your female friends to boost your confidence.
 please feel free to leave a comment and share this article

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Congratulations idunnu for emerging the winner of our first Christmas giveaway. I will send you an email to get details of how to send your prize to you. You go girl!!!
A big thank you to everyone of you that put in entries I appreciate you all. And for all those who have been sending me lovely and encouraging emails I love you all I hope I get to meet each one of you very soon.
There will be more giveaways to come with more winners so stay tuned and make sure you refresh this page often so you don't miss out. Have a beautiful day

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Monday, 19 December 2016

Recession inspired ways to enjoy Christmas

Goodmorning huns! Christmas is just a few days away  can you smell it? I know i can even if i cant AIT will not stop getting it all up in my face. I love christmas i really do but with the recession still on heat and MMM freezing our accounts  one has to be extremely careful with spending this Yuletide to avoid starting next year with stories that touch.
Since we cannot postpone or ignore the celebration here are budget friendly ways to haveca magical Christmas this year.

1.bulk SMS-
I can compromise on a lot of things but sending Christmas messages to all and sundry is not one of them.If you are like me and you have so many people to wish well this Yuletide you need to think bulk SMS. Bulk SMS is a very effective way of sending messages to a large number of people at a low cost.  You cannot be dulling in this "buhari economy"
2. Drinks-
To save money on drinks,instead of the usual wine,malt e.t.c. You should go local. Its way more nutritious and pocket friendly zobo leaves are readily available and making it is also easy. "Kunu" is also an option.You can add home made chinchin alongside. If you have guests who still insist on having something to pop you can politely tell them to visit back after you have collected your money from MMM.  "you cannot come and be dulling like that"

You can organize a picnic and invite friends. Pick a location that is free e.g park, and ask everyone to come with something to share.  By the time  the Bensons come with fried chicken,the sules come with fried rice,the irabors come with cake and so on you will all have so much to Aunty's kids have been wining about going to see " father Christmas "  my aunty was fine with it untill she discovered that the gate fee for each kid is five thousand naira and she has 4 children. Have you ever tried explaining to kids under 8 years that they cant visit santa untill next year its like fetching water with a basket....fruitless! So to get out of this simply speak to your friends coming for the picnic,contribute money and rent a"Santa" costume buy popcorn,chocolates or biscuits as gifts from Santa to the kids and viola problem solved.
4.Gift giving-
So yesterday I was in a bus and the woman next to me was struggling to find a place for the "inflated aeroplane" she bought.I heard her telling the guy sitting right behind her that she has 4 kids and was only able to afford one toy.Now being that I have stayed with kids and I know how they get I just knew it wasn't going to end well as everyone will want to own it.
How about teaching them a thing or two about giving back.Christmas is not only for "give me this,buy me that"They should make a present for each could be a card,toy cart made out of straws or bamboos you will be amazed what they come up with.
5.Christmas outfits-
Edakun it is time to pull out an "oldie but goodie". Give it a fce lift and you are good to go. You cannot afford to be stunting with new outfit in this economy.For the ladies Brazilian hair is not smiling,it costs an arm and a leg to get one now. I strongly recommend that you either go natural,get your "shuku"or "thread plait"on or you kuku cut the hair like Waje and form African queen. By the way I love it on her.

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Saturday, 17 December 2016


Hey darlings,remember I promised to do a giveaway,well its finally here. This is my little way of wishing you a happy celebration and appreciating you for all the love and support you have shown me on this journey and hope for a better 2017 for us all.
Unfortunately there can only be one winner this time.
The give away prizes are
1. Zaron face primer
2.Zaron red moisturising lipstick
3.Zaron eye brow definer
So ladies get in here!
And for the guys you can win this for your wife,girlfriend or crush *wink*
1.Leave a comment below this post,tell me why you should be the winner with your name and functioning email address
2.follow me on Instagram
 Pretty simple right?
Entries close on tuesday 20th december and the winner will be randomly selected and announced on the same day. I can't wait to see all your entries, so tell a friend to tell a friend.

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Monday, 12 December 2016

6 smart things to do before the end of the year

Finally 2016 is fast coming to an end.It feels like only yesterday we ushered in 2016 and now we are preparing for a new year. While we are caught up in the euphoria of christmas and all the hustle and bustle associated with ,here are 6 things you should do before the year runs out in preparation for the new year.

1.take inventory
Its vital that you take inventory of the current year,how much of your goals did you achieve.other areas of your life that should be put in perspective are your personal life,relationships,business,work e.t.c how well did you handle these? Wherr do you need yo improve,what do you need to fix,how can do you do better?

2.loose the baggage
You really should take time to review those things you will rather not have in your life anymore and let them go. From bad relationships to bad friends,self doubt,hurts,and everything that robs you of your peace of mind. You need to travel light in the new year as extra baggage will only slow you down or keep you in one spot.

3.declutter and clean up
Start by trashing those things you haven't used in a year,those things you have no use for. You can either donate ,sell or trash them and make room for more important things.

4. Give your finance a reality check
 Its crucial that you review your expenses,are you spending more than you earn,are you saving enough? Are you spending money on the right things? Do you have pending bills yet to be settle? are you overpaying?this is important to help you keep track of how much you are making. It will Also guide you to be more prudent in your spending during the holidays and avoiding starting the new year broke.

5.Set new goals and plans for the new year
This is where new year resolutions come in,I know its a bit cliché but its a wise thing to do.plan ahead for the new year so you are not taken unawares or feel rushed in 2017.set goals you want to achieve, and discipline yourself yo follow through with them.

6. Appreciate someone
Take time out yo appreciate someone /people who have been of tremendous help to you this year,you can call,send a thank you card or visit them with a heartwarming gift and let them know how grateful you are.

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Happy holidays +giveaway alert!

Hey darlings! happy id el maulud to my Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world. So I have been waiting patiently for someone to come knock on my door with rice and meat as my Muslim breathrens in Abuja would,until I realised that am now at Enugu.I guess there ain't a lot of Muslims down here. We celebrate you all and wish you a wonderful celebration, don't forget to reach out to those around you who would benefit from your kindness. Meanwhile am work free today whoop! Whoop! I miss having a work free Monday for me,myself and I so am grabbing this with both hands.Probably going to do a little grooming,planning and sleep afterwards. Not to let the cat out of the bag,something really big is coming your way from me by February but until then keep your fingers crossed. I will be doing a giveaway real soon in appreciation for a beautiful year so make sure you visit daily to be a part of it.

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Saturday, 10 December 2016

the secret nobody tells you about getting hitched /marriage

Hey guys I will like to talk about something  very sensitive  and only for the matured so if you are still a baby reading this  please just stop now and go to bed.
OK now am sharing this because the better informed we are the less likely we are to make unnecessary mistakes or embark on prayer and fasting for something  God has put in our hands.
Have you ever wondered while "bad girls" get it all and "good girls"are left on the side walk?
I grew up seeing things like this happen,aunties who were having a hard time getting hitched or staying married even though they were the whole package.  Well the reason is not far fetched it's just one of those truths we are so scared to admit. it's not enough to be  a good girl, it's not enough to be homely, it's not enough to be churchy if you want to keep that man you need to borrow a leaf or two from Kim Kardashian.
I know someone is already judging but let me explain before you crucify me. Men are visual creatures, they are moved by what they see and  most often than not they are controlled by what they see. Even for the most religious of them. Instead of blaming God for  things not working out for you despite your being a "good girl" you need to wake up and Splash some reality on your face And realise that you can fix this if only you follow the rules

1.How you look is more important than you think.  When a man sees a lady  the first thing he notices is how she looks,  that will either prompt him to talk to her or just keep it moving. Am a very conservative  dresser especially when am at work but that doesn't stop you from flaunting your endowment. Flaunt your figure, tease a little Mind you I didn't say dress half naked. Just don't be boring look great, get your hair nails and all together  the idea is to create a balance ,am sureyou know what I mean.
2Leaarn how to flirt, and Use body language to communicate.  You see, some of us are so damn good we think this is the trademark of a prostitute. Well newsflash!  this is 2016 and it's a "must-have skill" for single ladies and married women as well. If you are new to this don't fret, every information you need is right there on the internet. Learn to smile even if you have to start practicing in front of the mirror  till you get it right it's a secret weapon to a man's heart.
3. Don't be the kind of woman who flaunts it in his face that you are "miss independent" or miss " I can do bad all by myself" nothing irks a good man more than thatttitude.Only one who is hoping to sponge off of you will stick around for that. If you want to be miss Independent" that's cool but learn to separate it from your relationship.
4.Be soft and tender,you cannot be struggling  for power and authority with your man all the time reason is  if he is the very vocal type you will be quarrelling a lot  but if he is on the quiet side he will simply ignore you, you might not even realise that all is not well until the worst happens.Learn to talk to him with respect and in a calm tone. should be his biggest fan, we talk  alot  about what we want him to do for us how about showing him how to treat you by treating him the same way, be his peace, be his friend, be his partner. Appreciate  him with your words and deeds let his friends and yours see how much you love him be there for him treat him like he is the best thing that ever happened to you.
6.socialize!socialize!socialize growing up I was a geek,I always locked myself in the room with my books while that worked for me I would want my daughters to be more sociable, it doesn't have to interfere with achieving your life's goals as long as you balance it. Get out there attend weddings, birthdays, games, events especially those places where you can meet the endangered  specie ( decent, responsible, God-fearing, Comfortable seriousminded guys)  hang out
6. Learn how to be his woman in bed yeah an saying it like it is I don't advocate for premarital  sex so am saying this in the context of marriage, don't get sloppy keep yourself updated shower before going to bed make sure your hairnet is not smelly because these are mood killers be open to new things. This is in addition to other things like being a good cook and homemaker And all.

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Meeting the in-laws for the first time

Hey Huns! it's another day for "I DOs" and lovely "aso-ebi"parades.Congratulations  to all those tying the knot today, all those hoping to be next congratulations in advance.  And how can I forget all the tailors who did not finish making our asoebi for today's wedding congratulations!
I have  spent a better part of the day sleeping and guess what,it's more refreshing than a chilled bottle of water on a sunny day. I have overworked myself this week and I was seriously looking forward to this weekend. I missed you all(for real) please tell me you missed me too lol!!!!!!
OK so someone really really really  close to me is asking for advice on a very pressing issue and I thought to do a post on it so that those with similar  worries can benefit as well.      

If you are full blooded Nigerian you will understand that meeting le boo 's parents is a very big step for any lady and making a great impression  matters a lot especially when you are meeting  them for the first time. let me share my tips here and if you have more tips please do share in the comment box so we can all be great together
1. Dress responsibly, most African parents are not about the western style of dressing, this means that those sexy crop top, torn super tight jeans and mini dresses should be packed away for when you are alone with le boo. That is not to say that you go there looking like you have no sense of style. aim for something simple and conservative and fits you
2.Be polite, don't forget your please and thank you. Answer" yes " not yeah or yup make yourself useful in the house, dont always wait to be told before you help out.remember that little  acts of consideration will stick in their memories.
3.f you don't know how to cook please make google your friend and start practising, "it is not in your Prospective  mother in-law's  house that you want to start your kitchen experiments"
4.come bearing gifts-As a matter of fact it is unethical  as a Nigeria to visit a home (especially it's your first time) Empty handed. You need to show up with something in hand  No matter how small especially for his mum it shows how caring and welol brought Up you are
5. Last but not the least relax and breathe, they are probably as tense as you. So be yourself and enjoy every moment.
What was meeting  the in-laws  for the first time like for you?
What tip will you give to a newbie
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