Monday, 21 November 2016

Overcoming the fear of failure

Goodmorning darlings, how do you feel about failure? If you are like most people, failure makes you uncomfortable. It’s something you want to stay away from. The fact is: fear of failure is a common type of fear that many people have.
What should we do then? How can we overcome our fear of failure?
Well, the first step to overcoming fear of failure is having the right perspective towards it. Instead of seeing it as something negative, you should see it as something positive.
Here are some positive views about failures:
1. Failure is the price of trying something new.
Einstein once said: “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”
Like it or not, doing something new involves risks, including the risk of failing. After all, it’s new; you aren’t familiar with it. So it’s likely that you will make some mistakes.
The only way not to fail is to stay where you are and not grow. If you want to grow, however, you must be willing to pay the price of failure.
2. Failure gives you wisdom.
Failure can teach you lessons in a way that others can’t. The fact that you have put your resources into something and get undesired results will leave an impression on you. You will grasp the lesson at a much deeper level than just reading books, for instance.
William Saroyan once said: “Good people are good because they’ve come to wisdom through failure.”
3. Failure tests your enthusiasm.
Failure is inevitable on the way to success. That’s why the important thing is how yourespond to it. This includes whether or not you can maintain your enthusiasm. Can you still be enthusiastic even after you fail? Can you still be optimistic? I know this is easier said than done, but this is something we should all learn to do.
Winston Churchill put it this way: “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”
After having the right perspective toward failure, what should we do? Thomas J. Watson gave us this advice:
Would you like me to give you a formula for success? It’s quite simple, really. Double your rate of failure.
This advice might seem extreme, but I think it’s good advice. It means that you should be willing to have more failures. Or, put another way, you should make moreattempts that could lead to failures. Why? Because this means that you are pushing boundaries. You are accelerating your progress. You don’t just stay where you are.
Of course, we are talking about intelligent failures here; just repeating the same mistakes over and over is stupidity.
So here is what you should do: consider failures as positive and make more attempts. That’s the way you can grow and get better. As George Bernard Shaw once said: A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.
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Sunday, 20 November 2016

First week experience

Hi lovelies,happy Christ the king to all the catholic faithfuls in the house and happy Sunday to you all. How are you enjoying your weekend? I know I have been MIA for sometime now please I do apologise.

Last week was very hectic for me,I started medicine posting in gastroenterology unit and  work has kept me too busy to blog.

Well,its been fine I was all nerves on the first day,I didn't know what to expect,I hope I make a good impression.
I got introduced to my unit and my boss gave me a 10 mins tour of the wards where i got to meet our patients.
"Follow every step I take "
"Yes chief "
It was like a scene from an episode of Grey's anatomy.

We got to the clinic and  my other boss pointed to a desk across his,
"you can sit there "
"Here, that's your first patient" he said as he handed me a case file.
It went  well and after the first patient I  got relaxed.

 My first call started that same day,it  was filled with drama,I got to write a  death certificate for a deceased patient's relative, gave  iv drugs ,my colleague and i had a major crisis at about 11:30 pm when he ruptured the bag containing the blood we were about to transfuse. We  were just running helter skelter trying to find another blood bag as the patient was just looking at us as if to say "una done buy market today"

Another problem for me is how I tend to get lost most of the time, you see the hospital is quite big the buildings are linked together and  identical, that was how it took me like 30mins trying to find  the medical ward I kept bursting out to unknown places and going round and round. This week my goal is to get used to all the places that concern me.

Pheeewwwww!!!!  But in all,am enjoying the experience,am learning from the best hands and my bosses are super nice and excellent teachers.
My feet has been hurting since Friday I could use a massage right now.
What I have learnt so far
1.medicine is not for the brilliant,but for those with genuine love for humanity who are willing to work hard
2.if you don't like to walk up and down medicine might not be for you,as a house officer prepare for that
3.if you can't do without heels or  artificial nails please don't bother cannot help everybody,do your best and leave the rest for God
5.Whereever you find yourself do the best that you can, it saves you from trouble and gives you peace of mind.

Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced.
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Tuesday, 15 November 2016


This is what am craving right now,fried plantain and fried egg yum!yum! Why am I all up in your face with this?.... Well I cannot crave alone so feel free to "want some"
Enugu people will just be selling okpa like their life depends on it day and night I wonder why suya people can not learn from them.
Am happy my friends are well and alive if you think its not a serious matter spend one day in the hospital and you will appreciate God for life
Sometimes am just overwhelmed I just wish I can give everyone a hug,life is precious , to precious to be wasted being unhappy or bearing grudges.I love you all have a lovely evening.

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Guys only:Save the sperm!

Many factors contribute but damaged sperm is a major reason for many a couple's infertility issues. In many cases, the man's tool may be the reason for losing the childbearing war...

More and more men are finding it hard to produce these days.
It is not that they are not sweating enough, or that they are "unhealthy", but something is wrong.
Though other factors contribute, damaged sperm is a major reason for many a couple's infertility issues.
In many cases, the man's weapon may be the reason for losing the childbearing war...
Researchers have shown that a man’s lifestyle can affect the quality and quantity of his sperm, hence fertility issues.
Anyway, here are some ways men unwittingly cause the damage:
  1. Always carrying a phone in the front pocket.Studies have shown that there is the radiation a mobile phone emits so close to the scrotal area causes as much a 9% drop in live sperm per semen sample. So it better to hold the phone or carry it in a case or, at worse, the back pocket.
  2. Leaving stress unattended to. A man who is always stressed, maybe due to overworking, is inadvertently killing his swimmers.  Every body function, including sperm production, is affected by stress. Researchers found out that men with anxiety issues tend to have abnormally shaped sperm and sperm with mobility issues. Now, an immobile sperm is useless because they have to swim far to marry an egg fr conception.
  3. Drinking too much. Alcohol is a big enemy of sperm. In fact, the British Medical Journal suggests that having as little as five drinks(alcohol) weekly can 'adversely affect' to semen quality.
  4. Smoking too much. Blowing the smoke always has a negative impact on sperm quality. However, a researcher says, once a man quits, his system immediately starts generating healthier sperm.
  5. Piling up extra weight. Being fit has a lot of advantages. Being fat lowers sperm production and can cause erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence? Losing just a little amount of weight can help.
  6. Staying too much in hot areas. Being exposed to too much heat regularly has dire consequences for a man's sperm. A welder for example might be at risk. A man's genital region needs to be cooler than the other parts of the body, not hotter.
If you have hopes of getting a child in the future, now might be a time to be conscious of your lifestyle, instead of worrying later

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Girls talk: how to get the ring in 3 days!

All my single ladies,all my single ladies,all my single ladies so put your hands up oooooooooooooo........There are countless theories and books on how to attract a man,how to get him interested in you,how to get the ring. Churned out on daily basis for single ladies plus the ones that will tell you it is your fault that you are single,because you are too successful.   " I am not understanding"    well on behalf of all the single ladies in the world we will like to say "edakun! We have tire". That was how i was watching you-tube the other day and the guy said if you dont have big boobs get an implant mtchewwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!

Its not as difficult as they make it look the key is focus on loving yourself    yes oooo before you go around looking for Mr right to like you,make sure you are feeling yourself.( in beyonce's voice)

OK let's talk no one else is here just us no forming. Key points we need to know. are a confident woman act like one
A confident woman knows who she is and believes in herself.she is not defined by her physical appearance, her status or how others see her.
OK let me break it down no one will look down on you unless you look down on yourself embrace your flaws( no matter what it is) be kind to yourself if its something you can change do so not for anyone else but for yourself, if its something you cannot change then that's what makes you unique,let people who see you know that you love yourself completely even if you have to fake it till it becomes real.I have spoken to a couple of guys and they always say" we don't really care as much as they think we do"  i have a friend with the body of a goddess I mean she is fine! With a gorgeous body she exercises everyday and eats right  but she never stops complaining about one thing or the other on her body,that's what guys dont like. Its only a problem when you make it one.

2. Take care of yourself
I know when I get my hair done and I look good am your body you only have one of it.get your hair done( human hair is now cheap) get a good cream( not bleaching cream oooo) make sure you smell nice and your hygiene is impeccable

3. Dress well
You don't have to look trashy to look good neither do you have to rob a bank. Know what is "in" and dress like you want to be addressed. Dress for the occasion very important mini skirts are not appropriate for church or attending your friend's wedding,dont be scared to look sexy ,yes!show some skin(responsibly)  when appropriate.not the cossy orjiakor type.

Girl have fun, stop locking yourself up in the house,make friends, go out,attend weddings,programmes e.t.c. you have to be seen to be shown favour.don't be too conscious of yourself have fun,laugh,play,dance when necessary. Be friendly,let people feel comfortable around you.

STEP 5. invest in knowledge
Read books,read my blog, be aware it broadens your knowledge,so that you can have something intelligent to say when you are discussing with people

6. Be your own woman
Be independent,get a job or a business no matter how small. Don't depend on any man to put food on your are an asset not a liability

7.Don't date without focus
I don't know how to explain this other than to say if you are dating and after a year you haven't seen any sign that says he is very serious my sister please take the next exit.yes ooo all this dating for twelve years is not the way forward.

Your salvation is not dependent on your relationship status . dont rush in to rush out,you deserve to be loved and appreciated dont settle for less,look before you leap
You only have one life ,get out there and be great. Live,love and grow!

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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Mixed feelings!

Good morning gorgeous,  I woke up this morning with mixed feelings,happy and sad.
Happy because I finally start work on Monday,yayyyyyy!!!!!
am so excited about this even though am still trying to sort out my accommodation.
Being in the hospital not as a medical student anymore but as 'the doctor' is really huge for me(a dream come true)

I have spent 7 years in medical school studying and preparing for this moment and noe that its finally here I thank God for his grace.

On the flip side am not so happy because .........well I miss my mum. She went to be with the lord when I was preparing for my finals, she has been my support cheering me on every step of the way.she will always ask me " when are you to writing your final exam? She was looking forward to my induction, already started making preparations for my house job even before my finals.she was so proud of me and I wanted more than anything to make her happy.I hoped for the day when I would call and say" mum we made it" .i hoped for when i will start working and get her nice things .....................but God knows best.

Its been mighty lonely without her,its over a year now but it still feels like yesterday. I wish I can see her and hear her voice again even for a second.

Am starting posting with medicine.and I will keep us posted every step of the way.  have a beautiful Sunday.

God bless all mothers in the world for their unconditional love and care,for the sacrifices they make for us may their days be long and may they live to reap the fruits of their labour

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Thursday, 10 November 2016

10 things I will tell a traveller

Am still recuperating from the shock of Tuesday. I never experrerit!I had such high hopes for hillary, but the people have spoken.
My day was very stressful,my feet hurts but I can't complain, no pain no gain.
On a lighter note here are 10 things you should do before travelling anywhere
1.get enough sleep the night before
2.make sure you leave early
3.make sure you have enough money on you
4.never embark on a journey without saying a short prayer
5.don't put all your money in one place divide  and keep them in different parts of the bag
5.travelling with hairnet is tacky please don't do it
6.mind what you eat
7.empty your bowel and bladder before the trip
8.travelling without buying bread is not very "african like"
9.make sure your phone is fully charged
10.go over the list again.
OK I need to go to bed now,night night guys!

Don't dig up in doubt what you planted in faith.

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Monday, 7 November 2016

HELP! am addicted to porn!

This is a very sensitive topic,I will try my best to keep it PG. So a colleague of mine was asked by a patient if there is any cure for pornography addiction outside religious This is a controversial topic,the kind that makes people uneasy.the kind that a lot of people struggling with it are too embarrassed to seek help for for fear of being g judged.they will rather let it eat deep and destroy them than admit they are guilty of this "unholy act"

We need not shy away from this because its a real issue,
Now i know different people see porn addiction in different ways, but this is my opinion being addicted to pornography does not make you a terrible person the act itself is what is terrible,so rather than drag and embarrass someone who is struggling with this you can counsel them and help them breakout of it or better still be an angel and show them this article so we can all be great together.
 What is ponography addiction?
Simply put it's a problematic preoccupations with sexualizedd imagery that lasts six months or longer and causes significant problems in the user's life.
 How do you tell if you have a porn addiction?

 well if it controls you and you regularly view it for hours and often feel you can't stop, it eats into your social time,work time,you get too engrossed you skip meals then you have a problem and you need help.
 It's not peculiar to a particular race,financial status, gender, or even religion.christians are struggling with pornography even pastors are not immune to it.
In respect to the patients question these are tips I think can help him kick it out of his system.

The first step is to be true to yourself,admit that you have a problem and be willing to quit. It starts with you,you have to make that decision for yourself.

You have to open up to someone who can help you, it could be your pastor,your partner,a trusted friend or therapist. Someone who loves you enough not to judge you and is willing to support you every step of the way. And you have to be totally honest with him/her.

Get rid of all triggers.
Throw away all magazines,pictures,videos and all potential triggers.Block entry points, this means have a porn blocker on your phone,computer at home and at the office. Unsubscribe from porn websites. If you have people sending you compromising emails block them. If you have friends who are pushing you towards all of this stay away from them.

Go to God in prayers.
The scripture says we can do all things through christ that strengthen us. The addiction might be beyond your control but not belong God's control. Study your bible,get involved in church programs and outreach this will keep you busy and fill the void of the addiction.

what helpful tip can you give to those sufferings from this addition
Feel free to leave a comment,

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Daddy on probation

What was the first thing that came to your mind when you saw the headline? Hmmmmmm!i got it from this movie....sorry I can't remember the name now. The guy had abandoned his baby mama and came back 2 years later pleading to be let into his child's life ,well baby mama later agreed and said for now you can only be "daddy on probation". " i am not understanding" my question is how will she introduce him to people? hi simi this is mike,tayo's daddy on probation...???????. Nawaooooo.

 I have been putting my things together,enjoying the freedom of waking up when I want to and enjoying the series-husband's of Lagos, I can't get over livinus and ego oyibo ( my favourite characters) And of course sharp Benin babe and her "oyinbo" bobo. If you are not watching it you are missing.

 Can I rant a little?
 I hate when I just miss a call by the last ring and when I call back it rings a zillion times and goes into what do you do after I didn't answer? drop the phone and run away? I hate leaving my house all sweet and fly,looking like a bag of money and not seeing anyone i care to impress the entire day but the day I decide to freestyle I run into everybody I know "bet why?" OK am done ranting .

I love love,yeah I do
, just like I love cake (thankstobae) sorry its almost finished but as the better pikin that I am I can still share with you. Hehehehe! I hope you guys are doing well,thanks for clicking and commenting. Have a beautiful day,do more of what makes you happy,spread the word. Mmuuuaaahhhhh!

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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Reconnecting with my father

Life for me is worthless without God in it,am actually happiest when my relationship with God is solid and am actively involved in his works. There is a certain peace and joy that comes with being Connected to God.
I have been doing alot of soul searching   lately and i admit i haven't been as involved and as prayerful as I used to for so many reasons.
You know that feeling when you really truly want to change and be better but other things come in the way. But thank God for his mercies, he is faithful to forgive and love us even when we don't deserve it (as if we do) I have
Well, I have been reading some books and finding out ways to do better and I will like to share with you all so we can be great together.
1. Identify the things that are standing between you and God

In my case that will be thoughts,habits,worries,work and lazziness,yours can be different but the important thing is to identity what it is,confess and ask God for forgiveness as it says in the scriptures (1st John 1v9) he is faithful to forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness

2.Take action with or without feeling
Often times we wait around to feel a certain way to attend church service or pray, make it a habit to worship God whether you feel like it or not. This can be pretty difficult,easier said than done, but that's why God has made his grace available for us at no cost,to help us when we can't help ourselves.
So no more am not feeling so well this Sunday morning therefore I can't go to church, no more I can't pray tonight am too tired.
 When you make God a priority in your life every other thing falls in place
3.fill your life with things and people who encourage your walk with God
Its self explanatory. Also find time to be by yourself and pray,reconnect with God and meditate on his word.
Listen to gospel music,it has a way of lifting up your spirit. Also he who sings prays twice
4. Study the word of God daily
The word of God is our life guide as christians,and  has to key yo unlocking all our blessings.
Are you a Christian?
What measures do you take to grow your spiritual life?

My housemanship hustle 2

darlings,my Housmanship hustle from here continues.
So the list of shortlisted candidates was released and i was too depressed to check it because I had been informed my name was not on the list by my relative who checked before it was released online. I didnt want to go through the torture again. But out of curiosity on the morning to f the interview I decided to go over the list to know which of my classmates were shortlisted,lo and behold ...I Saw my name? My surname was misspelt but every other information was correct. Was i hallucinating ?this happened about 7:30am on the morning of the exam which was to commence by 9am and I was  3hours away from the venue of the exam.

Admist the confusion, i rushed into the bathroom to prepare,I cannot come and miss this opportunity  that comes once in a year just like that. Having my bath ,dressing up and packing took me less than 15 minute (boarding school style). I got to the park,unluckily for me  I was the first passenger and had to wait for the other passengers. Few minutes later,the bus took off.I said my prayers,and started revising what I have read months ago.

Mind you I came visiting my friend,my documents where someone else where I was staying at the time and I only had my jeans and tshirts. That's what happens when housemanship turns you to a I hot across to my good friend Eunice and she helped way-bill my documents .

We got to the last bus stop,I had to take 2 buses to get to the teaching bus from park A to park B and another from park B to the hospital. my document had not arrived but I decided to just go without it and hope they don't ask for it.
I stopped by a nearby boutique because i couldnt go for the interview on jeans and tees. I picked the first decent dress I saw,tried it on in a hurry and it fit.
how much is this ma?                                       Its ------ naira                                                   how much is it last?                                          remove it so we can talk
Madam if I remove this dress am not buying it again, am in a hurry how much? The woman looked at me as if to say is someone chasing you?

 I quickly paid for it and  literally ran to the park while I was waiting for the bus to get full I called a friend of mine who was at the exam venue .                                                 chuks has the exam started?                            We just finished the written part now it was a 15 minute exam.                            mogbe! Just like that? I just went to one side and started crying,one guy was even calling my attention to my open bag.               sister your zip is open ooo bad boys full this park are you sure they have not taken your money? I couldn't Care less if they like they should carry everything. To say I was devastated was an understatement.
I managed to put myself together I had missed the exam maybe I wasn't meant to take it. Got into a bus heading to the first park when my friend called me to ask how the exam went I explained everything to her
How can you come all the way and go back without at least getting to the venue?
Miracles happen God can still help you , have faith.
Yes I have faith but......
I finally reached the park A my document had arrived and my phone rang, it was the guy I met in the bus he was also heading to the teaching hospital but for a different reason,we got talking and exchanged numbers.
He asked if I was at the venue I told him my story
Am actually there now and your colleagues are still around,why don't you just come and see if something can be done for you, he adviced.

long story short I picked up my document and made a "u" turn back to the hospital another I hour journey,I arrived the hall by past one for an exam slated for 9am ( don't judge me). There were so many people ,the last batch (nutrition interns) were seated about to start their exam I went to one of the invigilator sitting outside I explained to her and she was mean as hell,I wasn't even offended because somehow I was my fault. I went to another invigilator-a man, he was nice and asked me to go inside and speak with the examiners which I did.

As I walked in the middle of hundreds of people stressed out,sweating with my backpack all eyes were on me.their piercing gaze like stilettos on my back as if that was not embarrassing enough someone from the crowd called out my name,it was my high school classmate Chisom hmmmmmm!
"They sha want to just finish me today abi?"

Part 3 coming soon there is still so much to talk about and I don't want this to be too lengthy

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Saturday, 5 November 2016

My hair growth secret

Hi guys! I have been natural for 6 months now and loving it.I didn't catch the bug when it first started until I couldn't handle my hair anymore. You see my hair was breakling badly,my edges were gone,my hair was practically a joke.I have used basically all products in the market and spent so much trying to restore the dignity of my hair to no avail.

Well I decided to cut my hair and start all over again, yet it wasn't growing as I thought it would,mind you I eat really healthy foods,lots of veggies and fruits.
Untill my darling  friend came to my rescue. She shared her hair secret with me and introduced me  to this particular brand of Shea butter and it has been amazing. The best part is that its not even expensive,i wish I got this earlier,it would have saved me a lot of money.
Well there is love in sharing so I thought I should share with any sister who is having same trouble with her hair.this works for me and I think you should try it

Beat eggs and massage deeply into your hair from the roots to the tip, the quantity of eggs depends on how full your hair is,I use two eggs on mine. When you are done, cover your hair with black nylon bag and leave it for 2 hours.
Then take out the nylon bag wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, dry the hair and massage  original Shea butter into the hair. Make sure you massage it in thoroughly.
Do this once a month.
 Also apply Shea butter to your hair daily especially on your edges.
Wash your hair once a month too much washing and handling will destroy your hair,give it time to breathe.
Don't use too many products on your hair,it will do more harm than good.

Have you used shea butter on your hair?did it help?                                                         What's your hair secret? 
Let's hear about it 

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breakfast in bed: RICE X BEEF SAUCE

Good morning gorgeous! Don't you just love Saturdays? Saturdays are my fav. I don't have to freak out when the alarm goes off,I can lie in bed all day, watch movies in my pj,  listen to good music and of course enjoy breakfast in bed. Talking about breakfast today am having white rice and beef sauce.....yummy! .it took me about 30 minutes to whip this and trust me darlings,it tastes even better than it looks.
Ingredients for beef sauce
2cabbage pepper pepper
5.meat (beef)
8.seasonings ( maggi cube)

First of all wash your hands properly( very important).
.wash the cabbage,green pepper and red pepper and slice them .
.scrape out the outer part of the carrots with a knife if its dirty and  dice the carrots
. wash the beef thoroughly ,put them in a pot,spice with salt maggi and onion and cook with little water at first, this is to make sure that the spice gets into the beef .after     5-7 mins add more water and cook untill the beef is soft ( this can tage roughly 15 to 20 mins) the quantity of water depends on the ingredients you have .
. add the diced carrots into the pot while the beef is still cooking and after 1-3 mind add the cabbage,pepper crayfish, seasoning and salt to taste allow it to boil for a while,not more than 3 minutes so that you don't destroy the nutrients.
.wash your rice and boil until its cooked as usual
.and viola! Food is ready.
I love beef sauce and I prefer it to tomato stew because it is  super nutritious, healthy, easy to make,the ingredients are not expensive and are readily available and tastes amazing.

 Yummy! !

Have you tried this recipe? Did you like it? Do you have other recipes for beef sauce? Do well to leave a comment  I will love to hear all about it.

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Friday, 4 November 2016

My housemanship hustle

Good afternoon to all the special people reading this piece, how are you doing?am in a good mood today because God has finally answered my don't  understand? Keep reading.

flash back to November 2015 I was a very hopeful medical student writing my final exams and dreaming of how free I was going to be after med school,finally catch up on all those trending seasonal movies and sleep like a baby and how I was finally going to earn a living with my 7 years medical training,I was excited,I put in my very best,sleepless nights reading marathon,name it.

Fast forward to march 2016 I got inducted,I finally had the license to practice medicine in Nigeria and form effizzy. I can remember looking at the license and saying to myself so I went through this 7 years of stress for just two sheets of paper? I guarded it jealously because that was my labour, my proove and my consolation for all the mosquito bites I endured doing all night reading in class.I was basking in the euphoria,of course reality had not hit yet.

 Fast forward to may 2016 and I was yet to get a placement,even though i had  sent out a dozens of applications. now many of my friends had started their housejob,I started to feel really bad,so many promises here and there but none was clicking. I decided it was time to "take it by force" first I went to the hospital management board abuja to make enquiries.

Sir when will the list be out?I don't know we will contact you if you are one of the successful candidates.when will that be sir? Well it can be just as soon as you leave my office or maybe next 2 years. I didn't know if he was trying to be funny or not.I just jejely carried my two sticks out of the office to avoid stories that touch. Then I was introduced to a certain politician who was to help me get recommendation letter that will facilitate my application. He asked me to come see him in his office,I went there and after waiting close to 2 hours for him to show up (as a boss that he is) He finally did and his receptionist ushered me into his office. He  had a picture of his wife and kids framed on his table and a bible.I was relaxed,I knew I was in the right place or so I thought.

He was friendly, talked about his political ambition, why he lost the last election, how he is well connected and what not. After  so many plenty talk dude came out plain that he wanted me to be his girlfriend before I knew it he placed his hand on my thigh I was confused i thought he was a christian,Nawa ooooo. He started talking about how he likes me and will do anything for me, I was angry in my mind I wondered why the hell will I put in the work,graduate and still have to deal with cut the long story short I walked out on him and when he wouldn't stop blowing up my phone I blocked him.
I still kept on applying to different places and praying for favour to locate me.imagine taking an exam with more than 400 people and only 40 people will be selected. I was down for long I stopped picking some calls I didn't know which was more painful,the fact that I was yet to start work or friends and family who will not stop asking me why i haven't started working.

I wasnt having any more of this.I packed my bags and headed to the east,I applied to all the teaching hospitals there finally on the 5th of October the interview list was released And  I was shortlisted but something strange happened.

You will hear all about that in my next post.bcus this is getting too long

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My diary

Hello beautiful people in the cyber world, how are you doing? I hope your day is as bright as mine. Its exactly 12pm and am writing my first blog post on here. Let me take a minute to introduce myself.
My name is Cynthia,am in my twenties,5ft3 inches tall and I love fashion.
I have been touring the country in search of a place to do my compulsory one year house man ship and after 8 months of going back and forth I secured a spot in one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country( a post on my travail is on the way).
I will be sharing my journey,everyday experiences and my style on here. Am not an English major so please dont judge me,but I will try to communicate as effectively as I can.
Am excited about this and I hope to get to know you as well.
I will appreciate your contributions as well.Please do leave a comment it will make my day.Connect with me on
Facebook: Cynthia Gates

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