Monday, 26 June 2017

My private part!

I never knew I would be sharing this, its 2am and I am still up,could be because I have a lot on my mind or because its too chilly ; although I think its the former.
A lot of things are going through my mind viz: forgiveness,domestic violence, moving on.
Where do I begin from? not to bore you with the details but am glad a lot of people are speaking up about violence at home and unapologetically so but I must add that others have suffered such from family members for whatever reason. I have been at the receiving end and I know how deep it goes,the trauma, the pain the tears and that overwhelming feeling when you hit rock bottom. I have had my own fair share of the cake with lots of icing too.
For years I have carried my feelings about in a box right next to the pain and hurt. For years I have been driven and determined to be successful just so that I can prove a point. Not that I am giving up on my pursuit of success but I do not want it to be from a place of hurt and with the intention to revenge anymore. I must forgive myself for being too hard on me,often times I had tried to just say I forgive and expect that the memory is wiped clean,when it doesn't happen that way am dissapointed, does that happen to you? Well Forgiveness is a process,it takes time ( one step at a time) its not a button that is turned on and off at will.
Life is a long journey,baggage will only slow us down.  free yourself to live a purposeful life.
 Why am I sharing this, to move on we must shed the pain,ugly experiences and choose to be more. If one person can feel better or be touched after reading this then the aim is fulfilled. That good paying job,that business,that ambition should not be to prove a point or get a revenge on those who drove you to the lowest point of your life,the hurt doesn't have to be your driving factor. Do great things for you and those who love you,the past is past and should remain there. Tomorrow is a brighter and better day with new possibilities.

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Friday, 23 June 2017

#Life lately: EP9 7 months later,how I survived!

Good morning darlings!what have you been up to? Lately I have been reminiscing on my experience 7 months ago and what I went through Here   and Here
It wasn't what I expected but I can say that I have adjusted pretty well.
So my place of work is located in a village which I think is quite thoughtful of the government so that they have access to quality healthcare and don't get left out of development.
Problem is there is hardly light,haven't been for the past 3 weeks and you have to walk some distance to fetch water. The closest market is about 45 minutes away even that does not have all that you need.
I can't believe I have been here for 7 whole  months already.
 I can remember cancelling out each day from my calendar, counting down to the end of this programme.  Goodness! How time flies!
I actually came unprepared and I feel obligated to give you tips on how to survive if you get posted to such place for service,job or whatever.

1.Rechargeables are non negotiable. Light is a luxury so be prepared! need a laptop. While  televisions  are cool, you need light to be able to watch it but once you can charge your laptop you are good , at least until the battery goes off then you are back to square1

3. You need a bestie,or two. You see this is not the kind of place where you fly solo because you will be bored out of your mind. A few good friends to gist and hang out with will make it easier to endure.

4. You need to have lots of money in your pocket. Yo would  expect that since you are going there to work you will survive with your salary, well we all thought so until we were hit by the harsh reality of the country we live in. First of all from my experience I spent a whooping sum trying to make it "livable" and then the salary didn't come as expected until much later when we were almost eating grass. So make sure you have enough stacked in case of eventualities.

5. Be sure to fleet the entire house with insecticide after cleaning, before you move in, very important!

6. Keep the porshness  away it won't do you any good. You can't be in Rome and be acting like a Ghanian ko le werk!

7.Get acquainted
I had a cab man who gave me a sort of orientation about where not to go at certain times, where to hold my purse tight. What kind of people lived where and how to blend in and that was quite helpful. Study your environment.

 With these few points of mine I hope I have been able to convince NYSC that I have payed my dues hence should be posted someone fancy for my service while also getting you prepared in case you find yourself someone similar.
I hope this helps you start your day on a beautiful note.

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Top 5 fun ways to spend the weekend!

With the weekend and public holiday ahead of us, must be nice to do something fun don't you think? Got any plans yet? I have taken the time to bring right to your door step 5  fun things to do to make the best out of your break.

1. See a movie
If you have a cinema in your town this could be a really cool way to catch up with friends and have fun. If I were in Abuja i would definitely use this opportunity to see Isoken and 10 days in sun city. unfortunately there is no cinema in my city phewwww!!!! Please who else is in Enugu and isn't finding this funny at all? Signify by leaving me a comment below.

2.Go sight seeing
You could go somewhere you havnt been in your city or you could travel if you can. In Enugu I will surely recommend Nike lake resort. Its  absolutely beautiful,natural and the best part you don't get charged a dine to go in. I did a review on it Here You could have a picnic or just enjoy the beautiful sight.

3. Make something new
This is also an oppourtunity to connectvto your inner chef.
The kitchen is my laboratory, at my free time I like to make something new,I source for recipes online and I have fun bringing them to life.

4 read a motivational book
This not only keeps you occupied, it motivates you. My favourite of all times is "How to get from where you are to where you want to be " I did a review on it Here

If there is an opportunity to volunteer do well to avail yourself of the oppourtunity you will feel good afterwards.

What's your plan for the holiday?

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Saturday, 17 June 2017


I couldn't resist  putting up this post because as cliché as it may sound,we can never get enough of good advice. While there are so many rules,guidelines and keys to building and sustaining a relationship. you need to have the following points encoded in your DNA if you are still single and genuinely want the "happily ever after"

1.You need to get out more , no one is going to see how awesome you are if you are always stuck in your comfort zone.

2. Know what you want. You can't be guessing or let the wind throw you where ever it pleases. Get it together, define what you want and go for it.

3. How is your personal hygiene? Always put yourself in the other person's shoes; would you want to come close to you if you were the other person? If yoou sweat a lot have your bath at least twice a day and use deodorants,check your breathe too,very important.

4.Smile more, Its totally free, it makes you appear more friendly and approachable can't make all that money and not spend it on yourself. I don't care if you are saving to build a mansion if you can't be nice to yourself with your hard earned money then its not worth it.

6.Don't be too quick to turn down love advances, at least give it a thought.

7.Don't go sliding into anyone's DM. It may have worked for some but you have 90% chance of regretting it. Its so uncool for a lady. You can drop a hint but never make it look like you are the one chasing

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Friday, 16 June 2017

The TRUTH about my 1st month in paediatrics!

Hey guys!  I promised in my last post to take you through what I have learnt in my first month in Paediatrics department and I haven't forgotten.
 So I got posted to nephrology unit which happens to be the busiest,which is both good and bad  depending on how you look at it.
 OK let's dive right into it shall we? So in no particular order here we go.

1. Word to the wise, If you don't like keeping vigil or having people  wake you up late at night please don't even bother about paediatrics.Most days when am on night call ,i don't sleep all through, reason being that their is always something to do. Whenever there is a critical case you have no business with sleep for that day.

2.The loud,high pitched piercing cry that can even deafen an already deaf man are a constant in the paediatric ward, It's more annoying when you have to deal with that at night.
Good thing is with time you will get so used to it that it will be like music to your ears trust me.

3. I have been perfecting my kid friendly language and accent.This one kid keeps looking at me like
 " what is wrong with this one" 
and the last time I give him a pen and paper to write just so I can do a quick examination and he threw it in my face like "ogbeni don't bribe me jooorrrr"

4.When a child is sick it takes a toll on the parents. It can either bring the family together or tear them apart which most often is the case. Most  mothers nursing a sick child get really frustated and  take it out on the the husbands,doctors and the nurses. When dealing with such people, patience and understanding is key.

5.Money is very well important, I mean very very very important. In this recession nobody is giving out free "anything".The hospital has helped in the past but such patients absconded blocking the way for others.
I will not say outrightly that you must marry rich or that you have to have so much money before getting married, but please before babies start coming into the mix make sure there is a reasonable amount of money stashed for emergencies.

6.You never stop reading as a paediatrician, there is so much to know,you don't  come for ward round unprepared. Questions will be asked and you don't want to look stupid before your patients.

7. With good food, immunisation,good hygiene and environmental sanitation kids are less likely to fall sick.

8. Life generally is unfair you get what you get and make the best of it. If you disagree then can you explain to me why a 6 year old should be suffering from cancer?.....Life!

9. In all I think kids are adorable I love them am excited when I see them in the morning especially the ward president chidera ( 2 years old) . kid is as lively and playful as they come. We call him that because he has stayed longer than all the other kids, though he has being discharged his mum has refused to go.

10. Will I want to be a paediatrician? still thinking about it!

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My private part!

I never knew I would be sharing this, its 2am and I am still up,could be because I have a lot on my mind or because its too chilly ; altho...