Friday, 12 January 2018

Life lately// EP10: 3 Days and it's a WRAP!!!!!!

As the days go by, I tick off each day remaining to round off my programme, with enthusiasm.
Dont get me wrong housemanship has been really great!! The clinical skills acquired,  experiences, fun times  and of course the alerts (my favourite part)πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ have been amazing.  But everything that has a beginning surely must have an end.
When I came into the practice I was "as green as they come.
 I couldn't even take blood sample without my heart racing and my hands shaking, but look at me now πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€.
I have seen the good,  bad and ugly parts of the profession.  I have had really inspiring and wonderday days and I have also had really bad days.
But in summary It's not as rosy as it seems but I know I made the right decision when I chose this path.

Aside the clinical experience, this programme afforded me, it  helped me see life from a different perspective.
You see, I didn't really like living in the east and it was boring living far away from the city centre in a village far from civilization (no offence) My initial impression of the easterners here is that they were mean and sexist. (dunno if that has changed much now) It's difficult to miss how the males are priotized over the females.
It exposed me to lots of characters I had to put up with everyday. The nice and the meanies. But hey!  that's life.  It's a sandwich of all varieties of people and learning to thrive in the midst of all the shenanigans makes you a well rounded individual and a winnerπŸ‘‘.
I learnt some things about myself too,  took note of what I had to change or work on like being more interactive and sociable (problems of an introvert)  learnt where to draw the line between being respectful and being stupid.
I learnt the value of patience. Patience in dealing with people,  patience with yourself,  patience with God.  It's a key ingredient to living a happier life.
It was also a character building camp for me as well.

 The trying times have shown me that I am stronger than I am,  I do appreciate good health now,  more than I used to. 
It's emotional for me at this point because I can remember vividly how this blog was conceived.
 I was at home for 8months waiting for housemanship,
I remember how I cried, prayed and waited for my name to appear  on the list.
 I was also terribly bored.
I needed an outlet to let out my thoughts and keep my mind busy.
 One evening I said you know what?  It's time and then I wrote my very first article! OK not to derail
I want to appreciate you guys clicking on my site and reading my post. You guys keep me motivated. The views and comment keep me going.
I have made friends in this blog.  Slot of people have reached out to me I love you all please keep them coming. We are here for each other.
 This space means a lot more than you think.  Blogging, even though it's hectic combining it with my day job, is a stress reliever for me. I will try to keep the blog as  interesting, inspiring, fun and nformative as possible.
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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

How yummy is your lady part? //TIPS FOR AN "INFECTION -FREE" VAGINA

The vagina is the next most important part of a woman next to the face and ought to be taken care of with dignity and respect.
Have you wondered why you keep having recurrent infections even though your hygiene is impeccable? Grab a seat you are about to find out.
You may have your bath couple of times a day, enjoy a closet full of expensive Victoria Secret or slim girl lingerie and use the best products money can buy. Hun,  newsflash!  you might just be doing the right things but doing them the wrong way. 
Here are simple practices we can incorporate to save us the embarrassment and make this a thing of the past. πŸ˜€

1. When it comes to your lingerie selection, πŸ‘™your vagina has a preference and that's cotton!
This is because it allows air entry to your lady part and absorbs moisture.
You see those "wash and wear" silk and nylon  panties, it's time to ditch them.

2. Say NO! to douching
 All you need is  warm water to wash down there. If you must use soap, make sure it's  mild organic soap/wash to avoid altering  the pH balance in the vagina, leaving it open to infections. I will do a review on some good products you can use soon.

3.Double up on vaginal friendly diet and that includes yoghurt.

4. Wipe the right way
There is a right way to wipe after emptying your bowel and that's from front to back.  Wiping from back to front can sweep harmful organisms  from the anus into the vagina and we don't want that.

5. Undies should be washed and dried  out in the open where they can get sunlight.  Drying them in the bathroom or other enclossed space  encourages  bacteria to rest on them and thrive. But the heat from the sun clears any such pathogen. If possible, iron them before use too.

6. During menstruation, tampons shouldn't stay in for too long.
Change them every 3 to 4 hours . The more time the menstrual blood stays in contact with the vagina the higher the chances of coming down with a vaginal infection.

6.If you start experiencing foul-smelling discharge from the vagina,  itching,  bleeding not related to menstrual period. Do not self medicate, visit your doctor right away.
Was this helpful? 
Please share your thoughts in the box below,we could learn something new from your wealth of knowledge too. 

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Sunday, 7 January 2018

GLAMOUR MEETS SEXY // Sequin X feathers mini dress

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog.Is it too late to say happy new year?  I guess not!              How are you doing?
  I bring you the very first post of the new year. How excited are you?
How has this first 7 days been for you? Enjoying it? Learnt something new? Still easing into it?  Or are you planning to start your new year on the 1st of February  like some people I know?
So far 2018 has been beautiful, calm, and I can tell you without a doubt that better things are coming for us this year can I get an Amen! 
The goal for the year is to try new things, succeed, help people and find happiness even in the smallest gifts of life.  Smile through the stressful times and be at peace with all.

For today's outfit.  Ladies! If the goal is to walk into a room and stand out then think sequins. I couldn't resist purchasing this multi coloured confetti sequins  dress.It's got the right amount of glamour meet sexy and oh that sparkle!!!!

do have to say however before buying a dress like this, make sure it has a comfortable lining and the sequins is not directly in contact with your skin, so it doesn't get scratchy, uncomfortable or bruise you.
luckily I didn't have this problem. I felt like the queen of England πŸ‘‘in this ensemble.I will definitely be looking out for this in more colours.I paired it with my favourite black heels because duhhhh!!!!  Black is a classic.  And for a colour pop I paired it with a red clutch.

How has the year been so far for you? 
What are your thoughts on this outfit? Where would you wear this outfit to? Where won't you wear this outfit to and why? I would love to read your thoughts in the comment box belowThanks for stopping by 
DRESS:    random store similar HERE  and.   HEREandHERE
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Friday, 29 December 2017

Things that must stop in 2017

Hey sunshine!
So social media has been agog with a list of things that should end with 2017 and because i don't like what i hate. I have taken time to outline things i hope would end with 2017.

1. Calling me up to ask for prescription to enable you procure an abortion ends in 2017. God don't like ugly

2.not updating the blog at least twice a week is a sacrilege ( note to self)
I definitely have to do better. For those that enjoy reading my posts, am doing this for you with all my heart.

3. Reading and not sharing or commenting  ho mai gawd!
It has to stop.
Feel free to leave your comments. It takes less than 5 minutes to do so and its pretty easy too. Also share with your  friends and contacts you never know whose life you will bless by doing do.

4.All those that want me to go bankrupt because they wont give me my change. Especially Oga Timo who lives down the street and always holds on to my money in the name of "aunty doctor make I keep the change naa",
"How fine girl like you go dey price? "
Can I use fine girl to collect money in the bank?
If this continues in 2018,The thunder!.......

5.what does your father do for a living.
Waris all deez?
 Toast me and leave my father's occupation out of it.

6.Children of God, while nursing is a beautiful and honourable profession. I am not a nurse. To the wonderful people whom i encounter everyday in the hospital who won't stop calling me aunty nurse,please put some respect on it. I did not spend 7 yeas in med school for nothing Edakun! address me properly, Thanks.

7.To the "come today and come tomorrow"office workers its either you do your job or you pack up and go home. You cannot be present and absent at the same time.

8.Hair stylists that will not be honest in 2018,  your cane is soaking kerosene already. If you cannot give me the style I need please say so. How can I ask for Beyonce and get solange and you still try to convince me  that its nice.
sister o de nice gaaan!!

9. Starting the day without praying. Can you go to work without washing up in the morning?
You don't have time to pray but you have time to dress up. Think about it.
Now that I have that off my chest I can't wait to hear your thoughts.
 What are you hoping to put an end to as we wrap up 2017. Please leave your comments below.

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Wednesday, 27 December 2017


Merry christmas my darlings, how has it been so far?

 Christmas is still in the air ain't it?
Well, unless you are in this part of the east where the only thing in the air is harmattan.
 Damnnnn! its been sooooo colddddd and home girl has to work. Do you know how hard that is? ( holds back tears).
As we mature, we become more  realistic and specific with our needs and wants.
When I was younger Christmas was just a period for no school, fancy clothes and having a lot to eat ( which I loved by the way)
 And for new year .... Well, the beginning of the count down for next feel me?
As a full fledged adult, I see it now as a time to give and not just receive ( its still a time to look beautiful nontheless) and reflect on how I rocked the year. Did I do my best? did I achieve all my goals? What can I do differently?
New year on the other hand is for thanksgiving.
Being alive to welcome the new year is a major blessing and for me I take that very seriously.
 It is also for drawing out new goals and starting a beautiful story on a clean 365 pages....again!
My mantra for this year is "Rise above it".
As we mature  you realise that you can't always expect situations to be ideal, you can't expect people to be nice always and you can't expect to get everything the way you want.
I would say discipline yourself not to be found out of character but even that is not enough to hold one back when the bulshit looks for your address and comes for you.
When you have to put up with negativity, challenges, things not working out, don't let it drain your happiness in 2018.
Rise above it and be the best that you can be!
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Life lately// EP10: 3 Days and it's a WRAP!!!!!!

As the days go by, I tick off each day remaining to round off my programme, with enthusiasm. Dont get me wrong housemanship has been rea...